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   Nov 18

Psychiatric Reform CAPS

The NECESSITY OF REFORMULARIZATION OF the MENTAL HEALTH IN BRAZIL WITH APPROACH IN the SERVICES Lvia SUBSTITUTES Oliveira Bevilacqua Graduated Occupational Therapy for the Pontifical University Catholic of Campinas? PUC in Campinas – SP Summary: The article will approach as called ultimate issue ' ' services substitutivos' ' thought for the beginning of the Psychiatric Reformation and as these if they find currently. The principle, we will contextualizaremos on the movement of the Psychiatric Reformation with approach in the equipment Center of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS), since this is the daily scene of mine practical professional. Another aspect of great importance to reflect is the necessity of these services bred to be evaluated and supervised, a time that, without these parameters does not become possible the improvement of the quality of the assistance offered to the users, as well as the qualification of the professionals who exert the service given for these equipment of mental health. This study it was possible from the survey of bibliographical references and correlations with the experiences lived in the daily one of the practical one of a service of mental health that if constitutes in a CAPS III. Therefore, we will create possibilities of reflections about the here boarded subject.

Word key: evaluation, CAPS, mental health, psychiatric reform. Abstract: The article will address the main issue the so-called ' ' alternative services' ' beginning will be the of the psychiatric reform and how they ploughs now. At first, we contextualize on Psychiatric Reform movement with focus on equipment Psychosocial Attention Center (CAPS), since this is the daily stage of my professional practice. Another important aspect is you reflect the need will be these services created have being evaluated and monitored since, without these parameters is not possible you improve the quality of care offered you users well the training of professionals engaged in the service will be these mental health equipment.

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