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   Jan 27

Proper Nutrition For Pregnant People

The days when you could skip meals, especially breakfast, or refuse to snacking between meals, are left behind. Now you have to contend with bouts of nausea, so take food 5-6 times a day in small portions. Eat slowly, comfortably seated at a table, turning off the tv, enjoying every eaten a piece of (good posture and focus on eating to reduce the risk of digestive disorders). When you chew food, place your knife and fork on the table, keep a pleasant conversation at the table and let the delicious food will be for you a wonderful holiday. If you enjoy food and each meal for you a little holiday, it will help you get rid of negative emotions. From the menu you want to entirely eliminate alcohol. Numerous studies have confirmed the view that alcohol is dangerous for pregnancy. Miscarriages, low birth weight newborn, mental retardation, behavior problems, fetal alcohol syndrome – all this is a real threat to those who drink during pregnancy. The more varied the food that you eat every day, the greater the likelihood that you and your child will get more nutrients. Studies have shown that the food is especially useful when products are properly combined. Many of them are better to combine with each other, but is not alone. So, the mushrooms in conjunction with broccoli prevent the occurrence of cancers, orange juice, in combination with oats improves arteries, and together with dried apricots promotes better absorption of iron. Assemble on a plate, vegetable products different colors: dark green, red, orange, yellow, and they contain nutrients that complement each other perfectly.

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