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   Jan 27

President Fernando Enrique One

festive face dopresidente commented Squid and piadinhas in the magazine sees, with relaoa death of the prisoner in strike of hunger with its friends Fidel and Chavestambm is reason of jokes, what it leaves Brazilian we each ashamed time maistristes and, the worse of this everything is that it is of custom in the difficult horasmais, the most distinct situations our president fazerpiadinhas or to ironizar, menosprezando the intelligence of the Brazilian people; charge has one that the arrest of Robert makes reference Governing Arruda of Brasilia, that in my opinion alone is imprisoned because it is opposition to the government Squid; in one of charges, somebody makes a reference speaking that for the first time one politician is imprisoned in Brazil and to another person it answers concluding that this happens because we only have good politicians honest, leaving clearly that the person did not make a good conclusion, therefore, sabemosque is not about good and honest politicians and yes, of slow justice emuitas times the service of the power economic politician and; another umprisioneiro sample preparing its defense in justice and when we look at it est arranging one money luggage stops to buy its freedom; another one speaks that former President Fernando Enrique called Dilma doll Squid, if conforms saying that at that moment it obtained to understand because haviasido call of Gepeto, understanding the situation and accepting; it has umaque speaks of the protest where a man plays a single-engine aeroplane emcima of a building in protest the American tax burden and outroironiza that the Brazilians need a Boing, leaving clearly that acarga Brazilian tax is well bigger that the American; another one mostrLula if recouping of the health problem that had emviagem the Pernambuco and coming back to palanque leaving clearly That oPrograma of Acceleration of Growth the CAP, is being its palanque esua campaign flag; a sample sad Squid and one pessoajustificando the reason of its sadness, that would be the result of eleiodo Chile, where the president lost the elections with one the highest popularity. .

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