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   May 19


My mother building blending vegetables into a blender The thing is so hard, that last night the boys got a big bird in the basketball court and he fell to the rocks to eat it. I said nothing. A big bird. My dad has two days without a visit rme. Where is the crazy? . III Elvira was crammed with other eighty people in the school bus transformed into collective freight-ligner. He had a rage inside that did not explain, but if I knew was causing it.

Jose Armando‘s dad. Old smelly, bad blood and heavy. Knowing the economic situation and Jose Armando mistake or aid. Only quiet all the time standing next to him. Not be removed even when they spoke on the door of the house. A poor fellow he played his daily support to the old, mean and that was part that was lightweight helmets lifetime. But his son charged him wash their clothes and the right to watch TV, supposedly to grab responsibility and knowledge of pregnancy, automatically at his home said they were not going to live, because if heat up water for gas bottle will spend and she had no extra money to spend.

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