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   Nov 29

Pollution Makes Hair Healthy

American scientists have put forward a wild theory: they are trying to convince the world that dirty hair – good for your health. In fact, it turns out that this paradoxical idea may well be the basis of creating a beautiful and healthy hair. A new scientific study by the University of Missouri found that dirty hair serve a protective function: the secret, produced by the sebaceous glands of the head and covering her hair, intensely absorbed by ozone. Ozone – a toxic gas, which is the active compound of oxygen and in large quantities can cause serious harm to human health. The experiment revealed that dirty hair absorbed seven times more harmful ozone compared to a net. However, as it affects the status of head of hair, scientists have not figured out. In addition, the scientific community is widely believed that the sebaceous covering unwashed hair promotes faster hair growth. It protects hair from environmental influences.

As a result, they are less and port, and, indeed, grow faster. Typical errors in the same time, it is undeniable that unwashed hair – one of the biggest mistakes women. "When I walk down the street, you often notice that women have unwashed hair, it's probably the biggest mistake of style, – the famous American designer Isaac Mizrahi. – You know, people often apologize for the dirty shoes, but nobody does not occur to apologize for the dirty hair. In my opinion, unwashed hair, there should be no forgiveness, because in the end, there is a hat.

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