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   Mar 08

Pilates Method

Pilates is now practiced around the world and is becoming popular because it is being exercised by very famous people dedicated to music, film, dance, and even sport. The world is experiencing the explosion of the Pilates Method, an excellent method that aims to balance body and mind, which is worked around the body and mind, as a unit. History This series of exercises was created nearly 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), a sickly child who suffered from asthma and rheumatic fever, so she decided to study the human body and how to strengthen their own exercise. This became a good athlete, a swimmer and a boxer, both elected in 1912 to teach self-defense to detectives at Scotland Yard. In England during the First World War, was interned in a concentration camp because he was German. He was employed as a nurse and developed a methodology to improve the health of other inmates. With this technique, none of them succumbed to the great epidemic of 1918 that killed many Englishmen.

Pilates wrote at least two books about the Pilates method: Return to life through the Contrology and Your Health: A corrective system of exercising that revolutionizes the field of Physical Education. In 1923, he introduced his method in the United States, where he soon became popular with dancers and choreographers as Martha Graham, whose injuries from the intensive training required them to spend long periods of recovery and inactivity. The basic principles of pilates Pilates is based on six broad principles that should always be present: Centralization Concentration Precision Fluency Control Breathing motion control, precision and fluidity are some of the bases of the exercises, mainly composed of slow, very conscious and coordinated with proper breathing in order to create a harmonious body, coordinated and flexible.

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