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   Oct 06

Perfect Hen Party

With AnnJoy Dessousparties spend the optimal JGA. Nurnberg, 09 May 2011: The trend for 2011 is clear: groomsmen provide variety points at stag and hen parties. Latest example: Kate Middleton – before their century wedding with Prince William allowed himself just three days, to celebrate their last days as unmarried. Only a traditional bachelorette party in the sense of a booze cruise was for them and is not an option for many other women”. Her sister organized a balanced mixture of wellness and party for Kate. Women want to but at the same time do something good party – to. The home party vendors AnnJoy explains why are suitable lingerie and dildo parties perfect for Hen Parties. Statistics: looking for what Junggesellinnnen? A recent online poll 1 shows that 55% of all brides want a fun girls night with belly store sale and subsequent party in bars.

Many wedding forums to encourage wearing funny costumes and visits to strip clubs, what According to other polls, for half of the women could be a nightmare. It must be just a day that is individually tailored to the bride. Every fifth woman speaks out for a relaxing pampering day with your best friends. Trendy idea: lingerie party as perfect start the search for new ideas for Hen Parties is reflected in the overwhelming number of Internet portals to this topic. For the perfect blend of party and wellness, the joint visit offers an idea of lingerie and dildo party. The provider AnnJoy confirms: lingerie and dildo party are absolutely the trend for stag and hen parties.

It builds up a crackling atmosphere. With a glass of champagne, ladies can start without ceremony in a trendy hen. In the relaxed and exuberant atmosphere of celebration, laughter is guaranteed and it quickly builds up a familiar feeling. Providers provide also for the perfect gift for the bride, seductive lingerie and sexy toys. Who on the occasion of the farewell of a hen to Home a lingerie and dildo party organized, which is rewarded by AnnJoy extra: the home party provider will award prizes for the three best Hen Parties of the year. More information about the action at. 1 survey of the portal

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