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   Nov 29

Parentchild Relationships

Perhaps, I use a stereotype, if you say that your culture is very important relationships between generations. From the information that we hold in the west, we can conclude that in your culture and grandparents are very important for the grandchildren. I am therefore very important how to match your experience, your feelings of the information that I give. I will confine myself to what I will do a literature review, which is available to me in English and German language. In the past 20 years, researchers have become very interested in the relationship with the children is at an early age. There are several reasons for the increase of this interest. One reason is that the professionals faced with the fact that it is necessary to solve the problems in this area. For example, many therapists, counselors are faced with the fact that to them by the parents that their child refused to eat.

Parents who are treated with such a problem, were convinced that if he refuses to eat, then its development is not satisfactory, therefore, it is not in order. They did not believe doctors who say, we examined your child, he was all right. These Parents worry that their baby is crying all day and all night long and there is no way to calm him down, and it also leads them to believe that it something is wrong. But sometimes the experts was that experience that they have observed that parents can not give the child enough attention and care, they do not seem to be understanding of what a child needs to grow, evolve.

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