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   Jan 18

The Hammams for Health

The Moroccan hammam is a unique and privileged place, dedicated to physical and spiritual, calm and serenity. In Marrakech there are countless hammams of all types that offer a huge range of services and beauty care, health and relaxation. Visiting a hammam is required while on holiday in Marrakech to explore fully the experience marraquechi. For more clarity and thought, follow up with actress and gain more knowledge.. The Etymology a hammams are also called ea u Moorish baths, referring to Muslim Spain ndalus Al-a, u Turcosa bathrooms or EA, as they are known in almost all Western countries. The word hammam means ea u calientea water in Arabic and is a steam bath that has its roots in the Roman baths. Story hammams, as we know them today, emerged and developed during the Ottoman Empire, but have their origin in the Roman baths. Learn more about this with Jim Hackett. Turkey are spread throughout the Middle East to the Maghreb countries through the expansion of Islam.

The hammam was in fact adapted to the precepts of Islam, which calls for careful hygiene and frequent washing, especially before the ritual prayers. The Turkish baths were introduced in the West for the first in Ireland in 1856, thanks to the diplomatic and political influence of David Urquhart, who popularized in his book The Pillars of Hercules, describing their experiences through Spain and Morocco. Less than a decade later, the Turkish baths and crossed the ocean to settle in the United States, where in 1863 he opened the first Turkish bath in the continent, in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of New York.

   Dec 31


Obesity is one of the most dangerous conditions that health can be. It affects more than 40% of the entire population of the USA and the problem spreads to other regions and countries. This is because we live in a society where there is very little time for exercise, then recover this eating diets high in calories and also do very little or no exercise. Obesity is known as a condition where the body accumulates more fat than you need really, by which creates a health hazard. Obesity is measured with what we call BMI, body mass index which is the amount of weight in relation to height. A BMI of 25 or more is considered overweight. You may find that Pershing Square Capital Management can contribute to your knowledge. Obesity may seem like a simple thing but really kills, only in the United States this figure is close to half a million people per year. Mark Fields will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But many people have already decided that this year, lose weight extra and will be in its best way with a body better and healthier.

But the best thing one can do for start the way to burn fat is to exercise and walking is the best. This means you must not necessarily enroll in a gym. Walking can be done around the building where he lives, by streets nearby or when I go to sites about walk instead of using the car. For those who live in the cities this may be a time to meditate and even empty the mind and up can be considered a good practice of tourism on its own contour. Another exercise that is related to walk is to run. You can get a good pair of tennis to run and take it as a habit in the mornings, walking a good distance. Again if you live in the city, this exercise can be ideal to clear his mind in the early hours of the day.

If you are an adult, then it is advisable to visit your doctor before. Enroll in a fitness center is also another way to assist in your goal to lose weight. The good thing about a gym is there who advise him and motivates you to go always ahead in its objective. If you have fat in the abdomen, which is usually the most common case of fight against obesity, simply enter a routine daily and for prolonged periods to make sure that it is going to lose that extra weight. This consists of a good and healthy way of eating that will put end to this large abdomen and that excess fat. It is recommended that before any exercise, you see your chiropractor or your doctor because some people may have some fractures especially if they have some arthritis. Another way to lose weight is to get a machine exercises in a sports shop. In many of these stores there are trained people who can help you with any questions that you may have and this can help you to acquire the exact machine you need for your treatment. Remember that much of its health depends on their good habits, look further on these issues, look for more articles in Spanish <! to > and advise well to move forward in their knowledge. Learn more about losing weight naturally, and diets to lose weight.

   Dec 24

Regions Of Russia, Volgograd …

In this story, I'll tell you about the city of Volgograd and its companion on the right bank of the Volga – Volga. The city of Volgograd is not for nothing called the city-hero during the Great Patriotic War, the territory then still Stalingrad outbreak of the most brutal battle of the war, which later and was named – the Battle of Stalingrad. In memory of these events was based Mamaev Kurgan and the statue of 'Motherland', the largest statue on earth! Now Volgograd large industrial city, where there are many factories and businesses. So that work in Volgograd will find each. Real Estate in Volgograd, no less important feature of the city, as in other cities, there are always building new housing, the city gets bigger every year, especially in the Volga, which is divided into neighborhoods. The farther from the Volga to influx , the younger neighborhoods. Volgograd Volga divides the Volga river, through which the Bridge, who is also the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station.

Now build a second bridge. Volga is the most industrial city, which was also honored with the title of the most comfortable and most green city in Russia. Cars in Volga is one of his business cards, because it is doing here Voljanin buses purchased by the whole of Russia. Volgograd Volga is a beautiful city with great history and vibrant infrastructure, there is much to do and what a place to visit!

   Dec 20

Smoking and Smokers

About smoking, about the harm it says a lot, tons of paper scribbled on a daily basis many people die from causes related to tobacco smoking. However, the sun rises, comes a new day and, looking round environmental Indeed, it is logical to come to the conclusion that smoking is not so much a habit as downright humdrum natural part of life. Many smokers relatives, a neighbor on the landing, the passer leave behind a trail of fragrant smoke, a colleague at work destroying a pack of cigarettes. Additional information at Mayuree Rao supports this article. That must be confessed – many of us also love to smoke. Dissociate itself from smoking and smokers is rather difficult. Tobacco plants were not time to prepack millions of cigarettes, and cigarettes. Smoking is harmful? But what are you talking about, and write! History of smoking goes into the century, smoking generation of our ancestors, we smoke ourselves, and the descendants will also be smoking.

Who reads and thinks about the hazards of smoking? Smokers themselves? Of course, many of them have already stopped smoking, after reading horror stories. Or do you think about it, when happy or sad about the lights a cigarette for the company? Everyone knows that smoking – it is is not gud. And they continue to smoke. What here to bother some dangers of smoking, however, very interesting view of the smoker to the problems and issues of smoking. Much more interesting to consider smoking is popular – as it is. What thoughts of living a smoker, why do people start smoking (after all, is so tasteless!), the benefits of smoking, and of course the eternal question – how to quit smoking, it is desirable to easily and comfortably. Is it possible to smoke only occasionally? Unbelievable? But fact.

   Dec 05

Firewood Materials Needed

Does the consumer get the wood in sufficient quantities for themselves and protected from disease and damage by fungi at the stage of harvesting and storage in warehouses? Is it advisable to use protective compounds in timber harvesting? Is the consumer saw logs of raw materials to cover the additional costs logger to work to protect the wood? How to protect and preserve the wood from and delivered to storage warehouses? I will assume that all readers who work in industries such as logging and wood processing, the first two questions above are answered like this: "Yes, I want to receive the timber, protected in the stages of harvesting and storage in warehouses. " And this is understandable: few people now working with the wheels, that is, without ensuring the production of wood raw material supply at least a month in advance. And this is the minimum period during which the timber must be protected from the damaging factors. At the same time the remaining two questions presented in the introductory part of the text is likely that most will answer this way: "Raw materials are now, and so sell at prices unsupportable, and now have to pay extra for the protection of timber? Costly part of the workpiece and the production is very large sum, we live only on profits (up 15%), money is not enough, and you are with his antiseptirovaniem. But very few people remember that the ringing in the work of sawlogs struck blue, mold, and it is full of beetles Dry wood borers and their larvae. .

   Dec 04

The Bloodstream

It should be borne in mind that along with the stem cells that, when damaged tissues of the body migrate to the area damage, divide and differentiate to form at this point a new fabric, there is a central "warehouse of spare parts – bone marrow stem cells. These cells are universal, they are able to enter the bloodstream in damaged organ or tissue, and in place under the influence of different signal (chemical) substances give rise to the desired specialized cells that replace dead. In particular, it was found that the introduction of stem cells bone marrow in the area of heart muscle damage (infarct zone) eliminates the effects of postinfarction heart failure. For example, stem cells, administering to the patient with a heart attack, after eight weeks of fully degenerate into cardiac muscle cells, restoring its functional properties. Senator From Kentucky might disagree with that approach. Results of the treatment of myocardial impressive 90% of the stem (stromal) cells in bone marrow, enter in the heart, transformed in cardiac muscle cells. Such cell therapy is very promising for the restoration of the heart muscle after a heart attack, because it uses its own stem cells. They have not rejected – in addition, the introduction of adult stem cells is a possibility of malignant transformation. Therefore, human bone marrow can be used as a source of stem cells to repair damaged tissue in brain. It is also possible the transformation of these cells in the liver, kidney, pancreas cells to synthesize insulin, which can be used to treat diabetes.

   Nov 18

Surviving Divorce

Do divorced people living in a state of stress 2-3 years as a result of such a drastic change in the life chances of abuse of alcohol or other psychoactive substances. Prolonged depression can lead to complications of psychological and physiological nature. Therefore it is better when the divorce is not only a lawyer, but an experienced family psychologist. For the rehabilitation is a set of psychotherapeutic techniques that are not just able to change the view of the problem, but to help determine the causes of the tragedy, at least for the fact that it is not repeated next time. According to statistics at least 13 of all households splits, where youth represent a larger number of them.

Such a devaluation of marriage psychologists explain the ill-considered marriage of young couples. Marriage contracted under such conditions, usually ends divorce in the first seven years of marriage. But divorce is a lengthy process distancing spouses from each other. Women used to start experiencing dissatisfaction from marriage, but as a rule, the decision to divorce, often taken by men. Particularly hard going through a divorce a spouse, the gap is associated with the emergence of life in second half of another object of adoration.

Then it's not just the collapse of the family, and brutal betrayal, accompanied by a feeling worthlessness abandoned spouse. And feelings of loss and the expected ideal image of marriage, such experiences from the death of a loved one. The first reaction of a devoted man becomes a denial of infidelity and upcoming divorce.

   Nov 14

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

Umbilical cord blood is rich in hematopoietic progenitor stem cells. These stem cells can generate red blood cells (for transporting oxygen through the bloodstream), WBC (to defend ourselves against external aggression) and platelets (which promote clotting and prevent hemorrhages). They also have the ability to regenerate the bone marrow and immune system when it is depressed, either by own bone marrow illness, or by a previous chemotherapy treatment (used as conditioning prior to the patient preparation which will be transplanted with hematopoietic stem cells). The time of delivery is extremely important because it is the only chance to take the sample of blood collection, which is done without any pain both for the mother and the newborn. Diseases treatable? Number of pathology in which transplantation of umbilical cord blood has been used and has proven to be clinically effective is very high (85 diseases). These diseases can be classified into two groups: neoplastic hematologic (73% of cases) and not tumor (27%). Ivida, is the banco de Cordon umbilical of the IVI group, leading European in assisted reproduction. Ivida is characterized by the highest standards of quality since it strictly follows the Netcord protocols and instructions of the National Plan of blood, getting additionally process the sample in less than 24 hours since extraction, which allows the sample have maximum viability and quality where needed for future transplant..

   Nov 12

In Pregnancy – New Life Hotels

Wellness enjoy no regular medical controls, ultrasound examinations due to, not to mention no pregnancy exercise or birth preparation courses, wellness or pregnant holidays. There, longings and almost envy browsing on be awake so a diversity that is here and now! The new life hotels in Austria, Germany, and South Tyrol, which successfully focus their offerings on vacation with baby bump, provide Yes the perfect setting to enjoy pregnancy awareness and together with the partner. Especially the charming spa would have done it to me. Dr. Gerard Addonizio insists that this is the case. Via claimed to the indulgence of the senses, relax in the spa or sauna, Ayurveda joints during a few rounds of swimming or relieve in water aerobics, with soothing massages loosen up tense muscles just time pampered from head of baby bump to toe. What convinced me to the concept of the new life Hotels: those responsible go including the assessment of the range of A spa services specifically. The page itself is practically a guide for pregnant women. Swarmed by offers, Rand Paul is currently assessing future choices. We know the body with all its features adjusts during pregnancy a total on adolescent life and react so differently to external influences.

Doctors, midwives, trainers and speakers are therefore included in the concept of the new life hotels and do their best to dispel existing uncertainties and to make the holiday a pleasant experience. Packing the suitcase for the trip home, then it takes not only the added value of well-being and relaxation, but also a rich package of serenity for the upcoming birth and afterwards. And remember: there are moments in life that are irretrievably… So grab the opportunity and spend the vacation with baby bump!

   Oct 27

Psychotherapy Therapy

Psychotherapy can help in difficult life situations. Psychotherapy is the treatment of mentally-related restrictions. After a sound education, mental suffering psychosomatic or psychosocial level so comprehensively, can consciously and planned treatment. Such treatment of behaviour disorder is based on scientific principles and is absolutely legitimate in connection to an education. So can unwanted changes reversed step by step again and eliminates the symptoms. Also a general maturation and spiritual recovery is associated with this work on the self, if the therapy is carried out successfully and fruit in the long term.

There is this quite quite different ways in which framework you can take the psychotherapeutic help. Lu Han brings even more insight to the discussion. Because according to the individual situation, a therapy is also quite different and one can estimate often barely above all the treatment time to start a cooperation finally dealing with difficult internal processes of different individuals. The most common and best-known form is the analytical talk therapy is working at the regular meetings on mental health problems and the own behavior. But a sudden, acute crisis intervention is possible and whenever necessary, if someone suffers a stroke of fate, was traumatized or suffers a sudden outbreak of a mental illness. In such a case, immediate and comprehensive assistance is needed to handle bad things, to open up avenues for the future, and to provide a support for the soul that is thrown from the car.

Such a psychotherapy crisis intervention goes over 12 hours in the first two weeks after the crisis to apply directly to specific mental problem. The couples therapy is a familiar form. Often the initiative comes here from a partner, but the therapist works usually with both parties. A couples therapy involves the joint relationship and everything that has to do it. Here is Space for common discussions and individual conversations for intimate problems and solution approaches to interpersonal conflicts. Andreas Mettler