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   Sep 15

Aloe Vera Fruit

In the dark winter months, who suffers fatigue, bad temper and lack of motivation, can do well against fatigue. What to do against fatigue and in the autumn and winter season, every day many people who are tired, grumpy and listless despite plenty of sleep, ask bad mood. Because we get less light in the winter than in the summer, we are often tired and listless. Therefore, experts advise at least a quarter of an hour, half an hour a day in the fresh air on the way to be better, which makes sound and good mood. Whether strolling, walking, jogging or cycling outdoors – physical activities stimulate the production of hormones of happiness and dispel fatigue and grumpiness. A common reason for fatigue is also improper diet and lack of valuable Vitamnen and nutrients. What can you do so against fatigue? “Junk Food” and candy, as well as sweet soft drinks should be avoided, because they Rob more energy when they give, they make tired, apurva, sick and fat.

What can you do now to fatigue? The best remedy against fatigue is a diet with fresh, healthy foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds, sprouts, nuts and whole grains. Eat the best raw or gently cooked and freshly made. Also drinking is important, here are suitable water, tee and Spritzer. In addition, the diet with supplements with many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, which donate much energy, should be upgraded. Diet supplements that contain all of these valuable substances and aid against fatigue include Aloe Vera or Acai berries, and the noni fruit. The noni fruit is long known for their variety of vitamins, nutrients and vital substances as excellent energy and it is advisable therefore just in the autumn and winter. Your wellness magazine has published an interesting contribution and researched about the noni fruit. The article “noni juice and its extraordinary” Effects”informs about the noni fruit and their origin and describes their variety of content or ingredients.

Further reports say different doctors about the noni fruit, and what to keep in mind juice at the internal as external application of noni. Interested arrive here directly to the article: gesundheit/naturheilmittel/noni-saft-und-seine-aussergewoehnlichen-wirkungen.html description of the company your wellness magazine offers as online portal and interesting as a PDF magazine contributions and helpful ideas and tips on the topics of health, beauty, weight loss, fitness, anti aging, travel and culture – i.e. everything that contributes to the well-being. The free PDF magazine can be obtained on the website.

   Sep 14

Perfect Mothers Day

There are suggestions and instructions how to use it to, on the Advisor portal. Click supermodel to learn more. Munich, April 20, 2011: mother’s day is on May 8. Who then would like to present an imaginative gift, yet enough remains time to prepare. There are good ideas and guidance as you implement them, on the Advisor portal. So everyone can make his mother a special day.

A busy full-time job is his mother. What is as obvious as to thank you for the effort with a relaxing spa day? But not in the usual way with a voucher for the nearest Spa. Many treatments that are offered in the wellness temples can get son or daughter is also easily in the home: A face mask made of grape seed oil as can be produced easily from just a few ingredients. A bit more expensive, but guarantees a successful surprise, is a hot-stone massage in your own four walls. The detailed instructions, even to massage people, there helpster.

A companion gift for a little relaxation on the other 364 days of the year is, for example, a bath with lavender oil from our own production. Also the classic among the mother’s day gifts, breakfast, a special experience can be with some ingenuity. At home, rather than an invitation to a Cafe or a breakfast, you can organize a picnic weather permitting. Just fresh bread rolls, jam, cold cuts, fruit, drinks, and what belongs to an ordinary breakfast Pack with a blanket in a basket and into the green. A piece of delicious, homemade eggnog Strawberry heart mother’s Day cake is here the culmination and a fruity taste of the summer. Who really wants to impress his mother, can dabble as a pastry chef and even chocolates. All that the kitchen is not the usual territory, Tinker just a gift. For example, a picture frame with mosaic tiles. A flower pot crafted with ceramic color combined with mother’s favorite flowers, also a pretty gift. And also a photo collage in heart shape with images of beautiful common memories can be many mother’s heart beat faster. You will find many more good ideas and instructions for mother’s day, for a personal mother’s day saying, see: topics/mother’s day. About helpster: Helpster is a free online Advisor offer the GmbH, a company of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, and was launched in July 2010. With profound and comprehensible instructions, the platform offers help on a variety of topics of everyday life. contact for more information: Agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg phone: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail:

   Sep 12


What time is the party. "You come when you can, but we estimate it will start from eight in the evening. "I'll be there. I have to bring anything? – "Do not spread the cost among everyone. Charles Margulis is the source for more interesting facts. I wait. And of course not missed and enjoyed the night and the orgy like everyone else. The next day, was late for work.

He had a strong headache although they have taken their paracetamol. After noon he began to feel better than they glad, because I did not want to start, when he met Mabel, she look bad. Alex never forgot to call your Uncle John. Continued to do so with the same regularity as always. John had already been for some time, had noticed that Alex was very different and asked about the change.

Were encouraged to tell who had moved to Madrid, which had a payroll employment had forced him to open a bank account, and who had since moving to four months. He added that during that time, had not no problem. He gave the number to his uncle so he could call whenever he wanted. "Do it quiet guy," he had said with total conviction. "I am quite sure I can live in Spain with total freedom, no longer need to be invisible. He also told of his relationship with Mabel and little by little, thanks to their help was trying to get away from alcohol and drugs. John was quick to give good news to his parents, who for the first time in a long time felt that things were back on track for your child.

   Sep 08


Many patients manifest feel an ear discomfort associated buzzing in ears and headache. Among young people are increasing consultations, even though it usually manifests itself in a manner common among adults and the elderly. Beyond of different ages who suffer coincide in stating that these discomforts generate them a series of disorders in everyday life. Although only the presence of a hum is generally more common, a percentage more than important to those who consult on tinnitus or tinnitus, as it is clinically referred to this symptom, associated to hum with the emergence of strong headaches, migraines or headaches. In these cases the right thing is to consult immediately, when just the hum of ear and headache, manifests to allow professional act quickly against any inconvenience.

With a series of simple tests infections or diseases or other illnesses of the auditory system, shall be discarded to then address in search of the best treatment. The presence of the hum indicates the suffering of trauma usually caused by prolonged exposure to very loud noises. These cases are frequent between professions such as musicians, workers in factories and pilots. This is essential to a consultation with a professional, that evaluates the box, and thus pave the way for the most successful treatment. The solution to the hum of ears and headache depends on its origin. To address the treatment should be account age, customs and habits to establish the causes that provoked it. Not to mention the results of the treatments are not entirely satisfactory, they achieve a sensitive and significant reduction of symptoms and tend to improve the quality of life of those who suffer it. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

   Aug 31

Headaches And Migraines

Alternative medical help for headaches and migraine is over 220 different kinds of headaches, although the cause in most cases are from unknown.Known causes are obvious such as for example the drug-induced headache caused by drugs head pain in disorders of the cervical spine etc.,The symptoms range from headaches with different locations and characters of pain with nausea, vomiting, light and Gerauchsempfindlichkeit etc.Chinese medicine classifications were taken in zones of headache which has a respective segmental connection to the trigger body. So there is organ relations that relate to a particular organ system in segmental connection. This one gets a red thread in the opaque transparent area of headache disorders in the hand set.Headaches can be triggered by functional disorders such as kidney, liver, heart, stomach, intestine, spleen and pancreas. Further, these institutions as central organ with other hang Systems closely, E.g. the kidney closely the hormone system is connected with etc.

From a psychosomatic perspective, migraine and headache are patients smarter but also by cerebral nature. This creates a chronic excess activation of the brain. For the diagnosis and the therapy success, it is important to understand the whole relationship of patients to develop a therapeutic concept from this individual. A combination of the following treatments has proven itself: Harbey enzyme therapy, osteopathy, psychotherapy, homeopathy, TCM acupuncture in combination with the Chinese herbal medicine. As a clarification, I would like to for the uninitiated a short diagnostic and treatment example indicators: wife, Anne G., 38 years old, me because chronic headaches that since 7 years are in the past three years have become increasingly sought. Clinical without finding.

From the anamnesis, Iris diagnosis and osteopathic examination one showed functional disorder of the kidneys and a mild dysfunction of the hormone balance. The Meridian circle run was wide of the three erwarmers in the upper third is greatly overemphasized. The spine was a blockage in the neck vertebrae and ISG (sacrum) sector. Therapy concept: By means of osteopathy were the blockades in the HWS us ISG sector included. The Meridian circuit of the triple of Erwarmers was offset on the injection acupuncture. The functional disorder of the kidney and endocrine disruption has been fixed with homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicines.After a three-month therapy, the patient was symptom-free approach. Prophylactic treatment the patient is every 3 months 1 x handle. This example should clarify the Naturopathic diagnostic and treatment approach. Naturheilpraxis Stefan Halison practitioner with a focus on TCM, osteopathy, homeopathy, Iridology

   Jul 03

Emperor Napoleon

At this time the French court etiquette court enjoined all use cosmetics, aromatic oils and perfumes. But only in the XVIII century spirits finally divided into men's and ladies. And in France, created a "dictator smell", a Rene. He was equally successful prepared and perfumes, and poisons. Catherine de 'Medici he just adored. Woman passionate and imperious, she regularly made the proverbial step from love to hate. Very convenient, first fragrance enchants, and then sent to the elegantly that light. Charles Margulis may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Later, in the nineteenth century, when the spirits were in fashion with a pungent odor, aroma magic actively used by women of easy virtue.

They used the scents of violet and lily of the valley, making the illusion of purity and neporochnosti.Odekolon Marie opened the Italian Giovanni Farina. In 1709 he settled in Cologne and perfume made the bench, where he first appeared, and the fragrant water. When in 1766 he died, his sons launched a whole perfume factory. Farina & Sons prepared their water on a grape alcohol highest quality, imported from Italy. Scented oils were also natural. Over the years, keeping in the cedar barrels particles impregnated with essential oils, alcohol, yielding a unique bouquet of the wine type. However, water from Cologne (ear de Cologne) so would have remained unknown to the world, if Napoleon had not enticed with the water and ordered her to deliver water from Germanii.Tualetnaya It should be noted that the Emperor Napoleon for one day translate to 12 liters of spirits. Emperor odikolonom rinsed every day from head to toe and everywhere ordered to burn with your favorite scent tablets blackcurrant.

In exile on St. Helena, when I finished cologne Emperor came up with its own flavor of the recipe with the addition of bergamot and gave him the name "toilet water", which has since become official. The smell varies throughout the day – the top notes will go in 1-2 minutes, the heart of the toilet water you will feel 2-4 hours later you will be accompanied by plume flavor. And all this time you should EDT pleasant surprise. All kinds of perfume products consist mainly of fragrant concentrate, alcohol and water, and differ in their proportional relationship. Sometimes, and in very small doses, add dyes and antioxidants, but the smell remains the same. On the vials with perfumes usually write: Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette. The difference lies in the ratio concentration of aromatic oils and alcohols, respectively, in the persistence and intensity of flavor. The highest content of essential oils – from 20% to 30% in perfumes. This is followed by perfume water – from 10% to 20%, then Eau de Toilette – from 5% to 10%. That is why the price of the same flavor depends on the release form.

   Jul 02

City-Frantiskovy Lazne – Treatment Of Female Diseases

The earliest mention of the local mineral waters belong to the 12 century. Already in 1572 was made historically the first chemical analysis of the sources. After 50 years everywhere sounded the name of so-called 'Cheb '. In 1793, for Cheb initiative of Dr. Adler stated about the basis on the site of an ancient healing spring resort. Some time later, the city was renamed in the resort of Emperor Franz (Czech counterpart – Frantisek).

And the name of the city and now sounds like Frantsensbad or Czech Frantiskovy Lazne. The popularity of the resort town Frantsensbad acquired thanks to the unique composition of the sulfur-ferruginous mud and mineral springs used in treatment of gynecological diseases, as well as for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In total, there come to the surface twenty-four source with a high content of CO2 in abundance of saturated healing minerals. Frantiskovy Lazne is situated on a mountain valley at an altitude of 450m above sea level, it is decorated with true architectural masterpieces of classicism with the natural beauty. In the city almost completely absent industry. Having all of these above mentioned advantages certainly puts Frantiskovy Lazne on a pedestal most famous resorts in Europe.

   Mar 08

Natural Remedies For Headache

What is headache? Headache is pain in any region of the head. Headaches may occur on one or both sides of the head, can be in one place or it may radiate through the head from one point to another. A headache can be a pain sharp, stabbing, throbbing (beat) or be a dull pain sensation. Headaches can occur gradually or suddenly and can last less than one hour or several days. The characteristics of headache can help the doctor determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

The majority of headaches are not the result of an illness serious, seek emergency medical care if you have a sudden, severe headache or headache accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, stiff neck, or nausea. How to prevent headaches? Avoid triggers of headache. Keep a record of your meals, activities and headaches for several days to help identify triggers the headache. Avoid processed foods, sugars, alcohol in excess, products with caffeine and chocolate. Eat more whole grains or, a lot of fresh fish and lots of fruits and vegetables. Try to walk every day or make some sort of gentle aerobic exercise.

Practice relaxation exercises. Activities such as deep breathing, yoga and visualization can help keep at Bay with headaches. Eat rations of meals small and frequent throughout the day. This can keep sugar in blood at a stable level, which can help prevent headaches. Stay hydrated. Drink enough water? Make a schedule regular sleeping. Fatigue and lack of sleep can contribute to headaches. Keep good posture. Bad posture can cause l muscular tension resulting in headaches. What to do if you have a headache? Lie down in a dark and quiet room with your eyes closed. Use one compress. Apply a compress tibia (for example, a hot towel) on the face, the eyes and temples or try a compress cold on the back of his neck. Try massage. Ask someone to massage your shoulders and neck to relieve tension. If these steps don’t help, consult with your doctor about other treatment options especially if headache is accompanied by changes in vision. Natural products that may help reduce headaches are which enhances stress and muscle tension as Dr. Relax – Pro, rich in Omega-3 for its anti-inflammatory action products and which prevents the reabsorption of toxins at the intestinal level especially for people estrenidas as the Colon Detox-Pro. Although aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen is used to treat occasional headaches. As with any medication, make sure you have approval from your health care provider.

   Mar 07


This simple technique helps you get rid of the stress-dependent headache – the result of a hard day, full of nervous tension. Liquid massage oil or cream applied to the face, will help reduce friction, contributing to full slip your fingers in the face. Do not forget that during the facial massage is applied only light or medium nazhim.Opisanie: Having laid the patient supine on a bed or mattress spread on the floor, put in the middle of his forehead thumb pads and start to smooth wrinkles laterally to the border of hair. Without hesitation Luiz Lopes Brookfield explained all about the problem. Then follow the vertical movements of the eyebrows to the upper boundary lba.Podushechkami first two fingers of one hand follow stroking of the nose and the upper edge lba.Bolshimi or index finger to stroke the beginning of the nose along the top edge of the eye socket to the outer corner of the eye, then the lower edge of eye socket and to the outer corner of the eye. Movement should be very medlennye.Peremestites on whiskey and the first two fingers of both hands to stroke the skin around her temples with small circular movements, several times changing their napravlenie.Dotyanites to the lateral bones of the skull, located behind the ears, and the first two or three fingers make small rubbing in a circular motion from the top of the bone and back. This method can be alternated with simple stroking up and down along the bone. Pressing should be medium or strong. This technique consists of rubbing the skin on the surface of the bone closest to the point of pain, with a frequency of two or three small circular motion second.

   Feb 18

Chronic Headache

Treatment options about eight million people suffer migraine against migraine in Germany. The chronic headache may not be cured, there are several methods to prevent and relieve. The news portal introduces various practices. Migraine is sometimes called epidemic. Often, stress or certain diets can cause discomfort. While there are a variety of treatment methods, but the opinions of the experts diverge in this far.

So, the health benefits is not always backed up depending on the clinical picture and concerned. We recommend in particular various relaxation methods such as yoga or autogenic training. They should improve the balance between body and soul, and help those affected, consciously pay attention to the signals of their body. Also can use such techniques migraine-related tension be prevented and countered. Furthermore, the therapy with show will find popularity. This is not only, as with the acute therapy with other Also possible side effects such as nausea or dizziness be reduced pain relievers, which directly combat pain, but it. One of the latest medical procedures, the corrugator surgery experts however advise against. During this procedure, a facial muscle in the area of of root of the nose is severed. Brookfield Brasil takes a slightly different approach.

The success of the irreversible treatment is scientifically unproven, also it can have a permanent change of facial expressions to the result. The injection of BOTOX proved, however, very effective, treatment with the paralyzing neurotoxin is very expensive. More information:… / therapies against the storm-in-the-head… GmbH Lisa Neumann