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   Mar 02

Enrique Garcia Nava

It was a real whirlwind of facts and conventions that the end of the session were puzzling. X-large part of the country’s problems was exposed to such clarity and rawness that was inevitable feeling that the country was on the verge of collapse. Accented with all this natural drama that politicians often use when looking to emphasize the problems that will bring to them the spotlight, of course. Thus, ensuring the greatest possible objectivity, the reflective exercise, naturally led to the endless chain of underdevelopment in which we are engaged as a country: A large percentage of extremely poor country with low levels of nutrition that are largely responsible for Low levels of education and educational backwardness, which coupled with poor public health service and compounded by high unemployment and informal employment, in turn generates high levels of crime. All previous results if set low levels of per-capita domestic product worse by the low production efficiency which in turn causes low tax revenues so the government embezzlement captive taxpayers and especially PEMEX, leaving no possibility self-finance their development and to develop own technology and innovation, and although PEMEX generates a lot of money for the country, (especially these days) the government to absorb most precisely to the institutions and programs should help to improve all the above aspects, from combat extreme poverty, to public health and safety and promotion of productive and technological development. However, all this fabulous amount of money, taken from PEMEX and taxpayers, blends into the deep cloud of corruption that covers all activities of the government coupled with those private companies who interact with them, either as contractors or suppliers. Thus the overall balance of the country and this only worsens the vicious circle degenerates into increasingly acute problem under the current global reality forces us to challenge for which we are doing in practice: almost anything (food crisis, energy crisis, U.S. financial crisis , global insecurity and climate change).

Thus, are great challenges and adversity that lies ahead, if not already being experienced in some sectors of the country is great. One can only hope that the statement begins Homeric with which this article is also valid for this national culture, which apparently is very pleased with the “prosperity oil” that helps fund the shirking of the poor with “opportunities” as well as the political class, most corrupt and that only seems to develop the talent to fight for power and the juicy slice it leaves. As one analyst pointed out oil-based economies to compare the economic and social development of oil-producing countries: “… actually, underdevelopment is not a stage of economic evolution of a country, is a way of thinking.”

   Feb 27

Physical Training

Studies in patients had not had clinical repercurso of the coronariano point of view (BLACKSMITH, 1994). In this particular one, the physical training has contrary effect to the one of esterides anablicos, since it promotes the increase of the HDL (LEEDS et al, 1986). More information is housed here: supermodel. But this increase can not be found when lipdes is inside of the normal levels (BLACKSMITH, 1994). Esterides is not only attributed to it anablicos increase of secondary the coronariano risk and infarto of the myocardium to the alterations of the lipdico metabolism, as hipertrofia concentrical miocrdica with reduction of the ventricular volume, what it could modify the relation pressure-volume of the heart (HERSCHMAN, 1990). Herschman found ventricular increase of septo, with normal ventricular function, in levantadores of weight, with relation septo/bigger posterior wall that 1,3, to the similarity of individuals with miocrdica hipertrofia (hipertrofia subartica and anti-symmetrical septal hipertrofia). However, in more recent study, according to THOMPSON, SADANANTZ and CULLINANE (cited for WEINECK, 1996) including thirteen athletes who had made, at least, three cycles of esteride during the year, by six the ten weeks of use, were not observed difference of the size of ventculo in relation to the group have controlled, even so the percentage of shortening fraction were a little lower (WEINECK, 1996). 2.5 – Assumptions Have studies of the anablicos effect of esterides on the heart, in carriers of illnesses under physical training, had not found in the ecocardiogramas alterations in the thickness of septo to interventricular, in the posterior wall or in dimetros diastlico and sistlico of the left ventricle.

It also did not have alteration of the left ventricular function, measured for the fraction of ejection or fraction of shortening, as well as did not have alteration of the ventricular mass of these patients (BLACKSMITH, 1994). In a similar way, significant electrocardiographic alterations had also not occurred. In relation to the fact of esterides to be able to induce carcinognese, animal models has been used to study this possibility.

   Feb 27

Social Phobia

1. Social phobia is more widely distributed than you think. During the lifetime of approximately 10% of people experience symptoms of social phobia. This is the third most common psychiatric disorder after depression and alcohol dependence. However, until recently, she was given insufficient attention from the medicine. 2.

Symptoms may vary depending on cultural influences. In some Asian countries such as Japan or Korea, people with social phobia may fear to offend other people, and not to be in an awkward position. For example, they may fear that their strong anxiety or direct eye contact may insult someone. 3. Social phobia more prevalent among women than among men. 4. If you have a social phobia, it is likely that you have another disorder. For even more analysis, hear from Rand Paul.

Social phobia is often accompanied by other disorders, most often depression, other anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug dependencies. 5. Social phobia is a phobia. (From the Russian name of this is obvious, but the English 'social phobia' sounds like a Social Anxiety Disorder – Social Anxiety Disorder. Ca. Trans.) Maybe you did not believe that social phobia – a phobia is the same as fear of heights and snakes, but that's how it is classified. For people suffering from this phobia is the fear of being in social situations. 6. Social phobia can be generalized and specific. If you cause problems only in public speeches, your diagnosis – specific social phobia. On the other hand, if there are many different social situations that cause you fear, will use the term 'generalized social phobia. " 7. Causes of social phobia in the genes and your environment. Social phobia – the result of biological factors and those around you. If you have a genetic predisposition to social phobia, however, it can not develop when you have a rather favorable environmental factors. In contrast, traumatic social incidents do not lead to social phobia in the absence of genetic predisposition. 8. Social phobia – more than shyness. Perhaps you are interested in what is the difference between them. The difference is that while people are shy and uncomfortable and awkward in social situations, but they do not experience intense fear in anticipation of these events and not try to avoid these situations. In addition, people with social phobia are not necessarily looking confused in some situations they may look ease. 9. Social phobia tends to be undiagnosed and untreated. Less than 25% of people with social phobia are treated. This is due to the fact that social phobia tend reluctant to seek treatment, but also because the doctors social phobia often blamed on the usual shyness. 10. Social phobia is treatable! If you're in for a long time alone trying to cope with social phobia, you may feel that nothing can help. However, medication, psychotherapy or a combination can lead to significant improvement in symptoms. Links: Original article (in English. Lang.): The Top Ten Things You Should Know About Social Anxiety Disorder, By Arlin Cuncic. Original translation is located in – Forum social phobia.

   Feb 19

Italian Marco Simoncelli

The Spanish rider still does not forget the incident that took with the Italian at Le Mans. He believes that forgiveness is not sufficient and considered that it called too late. Jorge Lorenzo also attacked Simoncelli and said he does not believe that he will change. Spanish Dani Pedrosa (Honda) said in Mugello, where this Sunday will be the Grand Prix of Italy, and in relation to the controversy that keeps with Italian Marco Simoncelli (Honda): you can not put the horns to your wife and then say sorry. Frequently Gunnar Peterson has said that publicly. The dispute between the two extends from the past May 15 the transalpine provoke in Le Mans, in the Grand Prix de France, the fall of the Spanish and this broke the collarbone.

After a month and a half and two operations, the pilot of Barcelona returned this week to the world of MotoGP and denied that Simoncelli had asked apologies through a message. This Saturday, the As newspaper published the text of a message from the transalpine to the Swiss telephone in Spanish on 20 may, which Dani denied having received. Asked at a Conference of Press, Pedrosa said: can not act in the way that you act and then, with a message, pretend that the people will understand. While he was at home, I was in the hospital giving me morphine chutes. You can not put the horns to your wife and then say sorry, exemplified the triple world champion, added: if I had called Sunday or Monday the thing had stayed there. On the message said: I’m not saying that not has commanded it, I say that I have not seen any message. I just know that I have not received anything.

Lorenzo also attacks the the world champion of MotoGP, the Spanish Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha), considers, after speaking Friday with Italian Marco Simoncelli (Honda) in Mugello, that it has no intention to change his way of piloting. Simoncelli keeps a polemic with Spaniards Dani Pedrosa (Honda) and Lorenzo, who has sent to the ground in race in the last month and a half. Yesterday, Friday, Lorenzo and Simoncelli kept one conversation after the meeting of the Security Committee of the Championship. In a press conference at Mugello, where held the Grand Prix of Italy, the pilot of Palma de Mallorca said: at first he offered me his hand, I di it is and I accepted his apology, and told me that he felt much of Holland (where threw a week ago in the first round). What I wanted to hear what I said I unto you: that he acknowledge that he was doing something wrong and that it was wrong in most of his actions throughout this year, year past and years of 250 cc., clarified. Lorenzo added: I saw it very dnsiva, always dndiendo your posture. For him, less action from Le Mans with Dani, he didn’t blame. He believes that in Valencia (last year) I had guilt because he went forward and going forward is right but also says that in the action with the Baptist here, in 2009, is Bautista who is to blame when it is Baptist which was going forward, said. It puts a wall dnsivo and says that you don’t need any teacher who teach him to fly. It gave me the feeling that has no intention to change his way of piloting. I speak Italian and Spanish, told me uncle, but we understand the races differently, he said. Source of the news: Pedrosa on Simoncelli: “you can not put the horns to your wife and then say sorry”

   Feb 17

Eating Well

If you have discovered that you are overweight and want to lose the pounds in a short time, do not rush to do so in the gym immediately. While exercise can be beneficial for weight loss, you need to adjust your diet in the first place. If you do not keep a good diet, then the entire exercise in the world won’t help you lose weight and keep it. Below we have compiled a number of tips and tricks to help you get your diet on track. Avoid overeating. It is very common that people, especially women, eat more emotional way. If you are sad or angry, it is easy to eat junk food extra that your body does not really need. It is also common for people to think that you hungry when instead is really just thirsty.

So replace those cravings with water instead of a cookie. Avoid eating out as much as possible. Not only is it expensive, most of the foods you will receive in a restaurant are not very healthy. They can be filled with unnecessary calories that are simply going to add pounds to your waistline. So eat at home with more frequency allows you to know exactly what is happening in your body. Make sure that you are not eating a lot of fats and sugars.

While your body needs to function properly these, not needed much. If your diet contains more fats and sugars that the body can use, the rest going to end being stored as fat for more later. Your body is designed to retain the excess of energy sources for the moments in which food is scarce. Since we are not in a time in which food is scarce, be careful not to let our bodies store too. Be sure of not be eating well into the night. Our bodies go into a kind of hibernation while we are sleeping and most of the functions of our body are slower, which means fewer calories burned. So if you eat late at night, those calories are stored as FAT instead of burning them. Also, make sure that you don’t is this skipping breakfast. It is important to make breakfast your largest day meal, because it’s the first meal. Everything that you eat at breakfast will burn during the day. Therefore, provided you’re not a television addict, you won’t worry about food that it consumes just sitting. Cut as many unhealthy beverages as possible. Sodas and juices can be loaded with sugar that your body does not need. Although a small jolt of energy can give you, received power does not last long and will lead to accidents, so it will feel more tired than it was at the beginning. So that in place you need to drink much water. Your body depends on water to function properly so you need to be sure to drink lots of water if you want to weight loss in the shortest possible time. These steps are just the beginning. If you’re serious about losing kilos in a short time, you should consider consulting with a nutritionist to help you design a healthy diet that works for you. Will also need to add a little exercise in the mix, to have the best results. Now that you have at least a starting point, good luck with your goals of loss of pounds! Gives a twist to your life knows the real method to lose weight in a short time! Click: Secrets for weight loss.

   Feb 13

Gastric Bypass

There is already a new scoring system to predict, so successful, that patient is at increased risk of death to be a bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass. This system is based on five medical factors, and was proposed last year by the Medical Center surgeons at Duke University. To do this, we take into account the patient’s weight, gender, age, blood pressure and the risk of developing a blood clot in the lungs. Doctors who use this system can easily determine if the patient presents risk of dying is low, medium or high. It has been found that patients in high-risk group were six times more likely to die than those in the low risk group and patients in the medium risk group were three times more likely to die. The surgeon Eric DeMaria, Duke Hospital, said that this system is the first to determine the risk of patients who are considering as an option. This system, he said, allows surgeons have specific data can be used in making the decision whether or not the surgery and during the discussion with patients. Also, the system provides standardization of surgical outcomes, making comparisons more meaningful averages.

In a new study, we examined data from patients who had a 4.433 at the University of South Florida, Medical University of South Carolina and a private hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona. In this scoring system, patients with none or one of five medical factors are considered low risk, those with two or three factors are of medium risk and those with four or five of them are considered at greatest risk. Of the 2.166 patients classified in the scoring system as low-risk group, eight died. 2.142 Twenty-six of the patients in the medium-risk group died, and three of the 125 patients in the high risk group. Although patients in the high-risk group represented less than 3% of the total, representing 8% of deaths.

Factors to consider include:? A body mass index greater than 50. On this scale, the measure of body fat based on weight and height of the person and above 30 is considered obese. Male. Men are more likely than women to suffer hypertension, diabetes and metabolic disorders, in addition to the risk of surgery itself. Older age. Patients over 45 years are at high risk of death after bariatric surgery. Hypertension. Patients with hypertension or high blood pressure, regularly have heart problems or chronic inflammation of blood vessels, increasing the risk of surgery. Risk of pulmonary embolism. Patients with pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in the lungs, or are at risk for a stroke are at greater risk of death with surgery. ‘When we talk to patients about bariatric surgery, we can cite national averages in terms of risks, but not very useful when a patient specific sits in front of me, “says DeMaria. “Many doctors and patients see bariatric surgery as an option only when other means to lose weight have failed. However, our system shows that this strategy may need to be reconsidered. ” For patients with high risk, DeMaria said that the best method is to lose some weight before surgery. Alternatively, surgeons can make a series of smaller procedures, and therefore less risky, during that time. In obesity goodbye we have a electronic reference tool that considers the above and can help you decide which weight loss surgery is your best option. This electronic consultation is free and confidential.

   Feb 09


Anthrax (ANTHRAX) etiology. Pathogen – B. anthracis, a large gram-positive rod length 5-8. Located in the crops in pairs or chains, forms a capsule in animals and spores in the environment. It grows well on ordinary nutrient media (meat-peptone broth, agar, gelatin).

Dyed with aniline dyes, and all Gram. Epidemiology. The source of infection are sick animals: sheep, cows, goats, deer, horses, camels, donkeys, buffaloes, pigs and other animals are contagious the entire period of the disease and the external environment produce anthrax in the urine, feces, saliva, while they not only pollute the soil, water, food, and leather, wool, hair, bristles, which are often the cause of human infection. Infection of human anthrax is contact, alimentary (meat, milk, sausages, etc.) and air-dust path. Predominantly infected health workers, workers tanning, hair production and slaughterhouses. During the summer, in the spread of infection may be involved and arthropods – horseflies, flies Zhigalko mites. Disease tend to occur in June – August (60-80% of the total annual morbidity). Clinic.

The incubation period lasts from several hours to 6-8 days, but usually 2-3 days. Depending on the entrance gate of infection in humans are four forms of anthrax: cutaneous, pulmonary, intestinal and generalized septic. Cutaneous. This form is most common in humans. On the open parts of the body on the spot of infection formed an itchy copper-red color, sometimes with a bluish tint spot. In future spot turns into a papule and vesicle filled with grayish first, and then bloody fluid. This transformation is accompanied by itching spots. Bubble burst, and depth is formed in the center of necrotic black scab. Around the rim crust bubbles are children who follow the same evolution. Always pronounced vast, bowl without flushing perifocal edema of the skin and fat gelatinous nature (Shakes like jelly when gently push the tangential). Characterized by extremely reduced and even numbness (anesthesia) at the site of swelling and scab in the field.

   Jan 14


This science was and is constantly supplemented. Even today, the vast majority of the Indian population is treated Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, the world consists of two primary principles: the living principle (of the soul) and of inanimate matter. The whole world, also the man with his organs and various tissues, formed the primal matter. Whole body tissues is supplied by the food with nutrient juice, which is finally transformed into own body tissue. This process is controlled by three body’s energies, bio-energies, which are interactive and ensure the normal functioning of the body: vata (wind movement) controls the movement and differentiation in the body.

Pitta (fire digestive fire) controls the metabolism process. Kapha (phlegm adhesive) controls the access/installation of the substances in the body. Other leaders such as Senator From Kentucky offer similar insights. Vata controls food intake and their transport and excretion. (As opposed to Cindy Crawford). But also cardiovascular, respiratory, language and motor skills of the muscles are subject to vata. Pitta determines the conversion of food into nutrient juice and the processing of nutrient juice in various tissues. So Pitta is also responsible for regulating body temperature, for the look, the skin color, the dissemination and the intellectual skills. Kapha is the ability to build up the tissue.

But he is also lubricating, ensures the joint function, acts against wear and protects the stomach from the digestive power of Pitta. Immunology in its expanded form, everyone is in constant contact with the environment. According to Ayurvedic health, diseases are caused by an excessive or less moderate or a wrong contact. So, for example, sunbathing is a false contact on the first day of a vacation. Never go to the Sun, however, is too little contact and too much contact is to lie for hours in the Sun. In a sick body pathogenic substances (doshas) have made broad, who possess certain properties and effects: an important Ayurvedic idea is the Related material or substrate, property and effect.

   Dec 28

Marketing Manager

three new products for a bright fresh complexion that Restylane skincare products are based on the unique and patented since 1996 by Q-Med NASHATM hyaluronic acid (non-animal, stabilized hyaluronic acid). For more than 15 years NASHA is used already in the Restylane injection products for treating wrinkles. The secret of NASHA is the similarity to the body’s own hyaluronic acid, combined with a for safety proven in many publications and studies and efficacy. This technology has been developed in the laboratories of Q-Med now specifically for external application. The resulting tiny Crystal-shaped NASHA particles reflect light and shine the skin beautifully. They are microscopically small and have the ability to bind water effectively on the surface of the skin.

The moisture content of the skin thus remains in balance. Fine lines are visually balanced, the skin feels smooth, supple and delicate stroke. This combination of moisture and light reflection believes sustainable consumer and practitioner of the Restylane skincare care series special, what”, so Faye Peeters, Marketing Manager at Q-Med Germany. The basic range of skincare is now extended to three product innovations, to allow consumers to an even more individual wellbeing programme for a clean skin and an appearance ausgeruhtes. Restylane skincare eye serum intensive care for tired eyes the Restylane eye serum is designed for the special requirements of the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes. Not only with age, the skin in the region lose their elasticity and resilience.

Too little sleep, many hours before the computer screen, an unhealthy diet and too little fresh air let around quickly flabby and tired skin around the eyes, dark circles and smoothes may be the consequence. The Restylane eye serum contains valuable Cranberry seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and a slightly brightening effect. Dark shadows can so be mitigated and the oil nourishes the skin supple. The proven drainage effect”of the substance Eyeseryl has decongestant and calming effect, because it has a positive effect on blood circulation and skin elasticity.

   Nov 30

The New York Yankees Baseball

The sport in its many forms are very pleasant activities in that they spend pleasant moments, which are also excellent means of exercising, sports also led to professional levels are perfect means of entertainment, so much so that at football grounds freeze thousands of sports fans looking to spend a pleasant moment enjoying the passion of sports. Among the many sports in the world, there is one that is of great pleasure for many people in many parts of the planet and is baseball, a sport that is mostly practiced professionally in the United States, which is one of the sports logos, in which the various teams that make the league vibrant parties vie intense, causing thousands of people go to enjoy themselves all the emotions of a game. One of the biggest teams in the league Baseball United States of America, is the team of the New York Yankees, which is recognized worldwide, as has always been characterized as a the best of this party, and one of the most winners, as has always had the best players in the history of this practice. The New York Yankees, as one of the best teams in major league baseball, according to their name, is a team that is headquartered in New York City and belongs to the Eastern League, which is determined by its location. The New York Yankees, are also often called the Bronx Bombers, which is given based on place of origin, and also refers to the heavy hitters who have had in their ranks. The team of the New York Yankees, is one of the eight franchises in the American League baseball in its early days in Baltimore Meryland was generated in the year 1901, therefore at that time had another name, which was the Orioles Baltimore, Quine later moved to Manhattan, which occurred in the year 1903. For a while the computer is called the mountaineers of New York, this is due to the location of the stadium in which they played, it would not be until the year 1913 in which they would have the names of the New York Yankees. In 1923, the team moved to the other side of the river, in the Bronx. The history of the New York Yankees has been the most winning of all major league history, since in the various units in that championship, he has participated 39 times in the World Series, which has won 26 times, with 39 American League pennants, placing them as the most winning professional team in North America in terms of titles won, because only the hockey team is Montreal Canadiens, who have 24 titles in this another typical American sport.