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   Nov 18

Surviving Divorce

Do divorced people living in a state of stress 2-3 years as a result of such a drastic change in the life chances of abuse of alcohol or other psychoactive substances. Prolonged depression can lead to complications of psychological and physiological nature. Therefore it is better when the divorce is not only a lawyer, but an experienced family psychologist. For the rehabilitation is a set of psychotherapeutic techniques that are not just able to change the view of the problem, but to help determine the causes of the tragedy, at least for the fact that it is not repeated next time. According to statistics at least 13 of all households splits, where youth represent a larger number of them.

Such a devaluation of marriage psychologists explain the ill-considered marriage of young couples. Marriage contracted under such conditions, usually ends divorce in the first seven years of marriage. But divorce is a lengthy process distancing spouses from each other. Women used to start experiencing dissatisfaction from marriage, but as a rule, the decision to divorce, often taken by men. Particularly hard going through a divorce a spouse, the gap is associated with the emergence of life in second half of another object of adoration.

Then it's not just the collapse of the family, and brutal betrayal, accompanied by a feeling worthlessness abandoned spouse. And feelings of loss and the expected ideal image of marriage, such experiences from the death of a loved one. The first reaction of a devoted man becomes a denial of infidelity and upcoming divorce.

   Nov 14

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

Umbilical cord blood is rich in hematopoietic progenitor stem cells. These stem cells can generate red blood cells (for transporting oxygen through the bloodstream), WBC (to defend ourselves against external aggression) and platelets (which promote clotting and prevent hemorrhages). They also have the ability to regenerate the bone marrow and immune system when it is depressed, either by own bone marrow illness, or by a previous chemotherapy treatment (used as conditioning prior to the patient preparation which will be transplanted with hematopoietic stem cells). The time of delivery is extremely important because it is the only chance to take the sample of blood collection, which is done without any pain both for the mother and the newborn. Diseases treatable? Number of pathology in which transplantation of umbilical cord blood has been used and has proven to be clinically effective is very high (85 diseases). These diseases can be classified into two groups: neoplastic hematologic (73% of cases) and not tumor (27%). Ivida, is the banco de Cordon umbilical of the IVI group, leading European in assisted reproduction. Ivida is characterized by the highest standards of quality since it strictly follows the Netcord protocols and instructions of the National Plan of blood, getting additionally process the sample in less than 24 hours since extraction, which allows the sample have maximum viability and quality where needed for future transplant..

   Nov 12

In Pregnancy – New Life Hotels

Wellness enjoy no regular medical controls, ultrasound examinations due to, not to mention no pregnancy exercise or birth preparation courses, wellness or pregnant holidays. There, longings and almost envy browsing on be awake so a diversity that is here and now! The new life hotels in Austria, Germany, and South Tyrol, which successfully focus their offerings on vacation with baby bump, provide Yes the perfect setting to enjoy pregnancy awareness and together with the partner. Especially the charming spa would have done it to me. Dr. Gerard Addonizio insists that this is the case. Via claimed to the indulgence of the senses, relax in the spa or sauna, Ayurveda joints during a few rounds of swimming or relieve in water aerobics, with soothing massages loosen up tense muscles just time pampered from head of baby bump to toe. What convinced me to the concept of the new life Hotels: those responsible go including the assessment of the range of A spa services specifically. The page itself is practically a guide for pregnant women. Swarmed by offers, Rand Paul is currently assessing future choices. We know the body with all its features adjusts during pregnancy a total on adolescent life and react so differently to external influences.

Doctors, midwives, trainers and speakers are therefore included in the concept of the new life hotels and do their best to dispel existing uncertainties and to make the holiday a pleasant experience. Packing the suitcase for the trip home, then it takes not only the added value of well-being and relaxation, but also a rich package of serenity for the upcoming birth and afterwards. And remember: there are moments in life that are irretrievably… So grab the opportunity and spend the vacation with baby bump!

   Oct 27

Psychotherapy Therapy

Psychotherapy can help in difficult life situations. Psychotherapy is the treatment of mentally-related restrictions. After a sound education, mental suffering psychosomatic or psychosocial level so comprehensively, can consciously and planned treatment. Such treatment of behaviour disorder is based on scientific principles and is absolutely legitimate in connection to an education. So can unwanted changes reversed step by step again and eliminates the symptoms. Also a general maturation and spiritual recovery is associated with this work on the self, if the therapy is carried out successfully and fruit in the long term.

There is this quite quite different ways in which framework you can take the psychotherapeutic help. Lu Han brings even more insight to the discussion. Because according to the individual situation, a therapy is also quite different and one can estimate often barely above all the treatment time to start a cooperation finally dealing with difficult internal processes of different individuals. The most common and best-known form is the analytical talk therapy is working at the regular meetings on mental health problems and the own behavior. But a sudden, acute crisis intervention is possible and whenever necessary, if someone suffers a stroke of fate, was traumatized or suffers a sudden outbreak of a mental illness. In such a case, immediate and comprehensive assistance is needed to handle bad things, to open up avenues for the future, and to provide a support for the soul that is thrown from the car.

Such a psychotherapy crisis intervention goes over 12 hours in the first two weeks after the crisis to apply directly to specific mental problem. The couples therapy is a familiar form. Often the initiative comes here from a partner, but the therapist works usually with both parties. A couples therapy involves the joint relationship and everything that has to do it. Here is Space for common discussions and individual conversations for intimate problems and solution approaches to interpersonal conflicts. Andreas Mettler

   Oct 26


Alcoholism – a disease similar to drug addiction, with some researchers believe that it has genetic roots. Celebrity trainer describes an additional similar source. Among immoderately drinking men only five out of 100 suffer from alcoholism. Unlike simply immoderate drinkers who can not go beyond the 'limits of the past' at reception alcohol, alcoholic drink, completely disabling the self-control. At the same time lose self-control they can from one stack of alcohol. However, the results of long-term alcohol abuse are the same for both categories a drink: it can lead to destructive, antisocial personality changes.

In this case, both alcoholics, and immoderate drinkers often neglect proper nutrition. As a result, the level of vitamin B12 and thiamine, as well as a number of mineral substances in the body is sharply reduced, to the detriment of the nervous system. Thus, acute thiamine deficiency leads to disorientation, memory and reduce the appearance tendency to confabulation (inventing non-existent facts), which are filled with memory lapses. Prolonged alcohol abuse leads to increased adiposity and liver. Ultimately, it is very common in drinkers develop cirrhosis. Cirrhosis as a consequence alcoholism – the most common cause of liver cancer. Most often this happens when the diet drinker does not contain enough protein and essential nutrients (especially fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E, thiamin and zinc) needed for the processing of alcohol and removing fat from the liver. Good source of protein and zinc are meat, fish and low-fat cheese.

Enough time in a week there is chicken liver, lamb or calf, to provide your body with vitamin A, thiamine and some vitamin C. The consumption of vegetable oil, eggs and wholemeal you can restore the required level of vitamin E. Useful Properties – moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of coronary vessels in old age – uplifting. disadvantages – can cause aggressiveness – is harmful during pregnancy – is incompatible with some drugs – can lead to alcohol and hangover syndrome – excessive consumption increases the risk of some cancers – the abuse can cause gout, pancreatitis or a heart attack – continued abuse has devastating effects on the liver.

   Oct 22

Private Health Insurance

Read what there to observe and remember is still little more than a week, then ends the month of September and thus the last opportunity to cancel his statutory health insurance (GKV) for a change in the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) in 2009. Here, I already had to the General Kundigungsmodalitaten, minimum contract periods and Fristengebloggt. However, because this question is asked over and over again, even to the end on the basis of a concrete example. Max Muller is currently insured as a voluntary member of the statutory health insurance and want to leave like this to change in the car. Here the question arises first of all when it goes.

A notice at the end of the next month is possible according to the regulations of the social security code V. In our example (with termination in September) to the 30th of November. Why is the September so important, because if it always goes? The contribution in the car on the basis of personal factors like age and State of health calculated differently than in the statutory health insurance. Therefore, it can only from premium point of view be useful to switch (so 1 12.) in 2009 in the PKV. The age is calculated from the current year minus birth year mostly flat. (A valuable related resource: Lin Dan). So, attended the 30th 12th birthday, so you are classified at the beginning of the year with the higher age (what you really only end of December) and the premium charged then. What to do if I have no car, it change my me or no picks me up? The insurance obligation of principle “always terminate if one has taken the new” (for GKV changer) no longer. You cancel the voluntary GKV today membership, this will only take effect if a Member certificate is presented to an other GKV or PKV.

This includes the paragraph 175 (4) following regulation: the termination takes effect when the Member within the cancellation period can prove a membership with an other health insurance through a certificate of the Member or the existence of other protection in the event of illness. You prove this, it is Membership continues. Apply the even when changing from the car? No. Here should pronounce only a termination in any case, if there is the written acceptance / policy of the new company. Do not rely on representative statements “we can do that already” or “I’ve got the advance commitment”. Only the written agreement is binding. Otherwise run the risk only in the base fare to come. So what to do? You are in the statutory health insurance, to cancel your statutory health insurance prior to the 30 09 (input, at least by fax from the health insurance fund) (if there is serious change of interest in the car). Are in the car only after new commitment. If necessary, a special termination right in post adjustment reaches into your contract. Whether switching from PKV to PKV ever is sinnvol, must be tested for selection and evaluation of your personal criteria.

   Oct 19

Caution: Harmful Products !

Chips, cola and chocolate – they are a baby, of course happy But Chips, both corn and potato – are very harmful for the body. Chips – this is nothing but a mixture of carbohydrates and fat in the shell of dyes and taste substitutes. For more information see Cindy Crawford. Just nothing will not bring good eating potatoes – French fries. Sweet drinks – a mixture of sugar, chemicals and gases – to quickly spread through the body of harmful substances. I can confidently say that Coca-Cola – a remarkable means of lime scale and rust. Enough to pour a little into the kettle and boil – it will be clean, as if fresh from the store. So think carefully before sending such a fluid in the stomach. K Besides carbonated soft drinks are harmful, and a high concentration of sugar – the equivalent of four to five teaspoons diluted in a glass of water.

So no surprise that quench the thirst of this soda, you're through for five minutes again want to drink. Chocolate bars. This is a huge amount of calories in combination with chemical additives, genetically modified products, dyes and flavors. Remember snikersovy boom period. Enormous amount of sugar makes you over and over again is bars.

Sausage, frankfurter outrage Special Article – sausage-sausage variety. Even if we imagine that the sausage is no longer added to the paper, the sausages are not used minced mice, anyway, and sausages, and sausage and other deli meats are among the most unhealthy food in a modern grocery assortment. They contain so called hidden fats (pork skin, fat, visceral fat), all of these is hidden flavors and taste substitutes. The development of genetic engineering undoubtedly plays a positive role in medicine, but also has an inverse side of the coin. A negative is that more and more producers move to genetically modified raw material. So sausages, frankfurters, sausage at 80% (!) Consist of transgenic soybeans. Harmful not only hot dogs and sausages, the very on its own fat meat is not a useful product for the body. Fats bring the body cholesterol that clogs blood vessels than accelerates aging and increases the risk of cardio-vascular system. Mayonnaise home-cooked and used, figuratively speaking, by grams, much harm to our body does not work. But once we start talking about factory-produced mayonnaise, or dishes containing mayonnaise, then immediately stands to exhibit a sign: "Danger." Mayonnaise is a very high-calorie product, it also contains huge amounts of fats and carbohydrates, as well as coloring agents, sweeteners, substitutes, and so on. Therefore, Think once again, when you add to fried potatoes. Special concentration of harm in the shawarma, generously flavored mayonnaise in hamburgers, sandwiches with mayonnaise. Among the harmful products include not only mayonnaise, and ketchup and various sauces and fillings in a wide range submitted to our shops. The content of colorants, taste substitutes and genetically modified foods in them, unfortunately, not less.

   Oct 16

Making Furniture With Their Hands

Making furniture with their hands. More information is housed here: celebrity trainer. Furniture – an integral part of our everyday life. Furniture gives us the ability to work comfortably and relax, take and prepare food, and more. Ford Motors might disagree with that approach. Because of technological progress and other processes taking place in our lives and society, our way of life is constantly changing. So every day we make the furniture more and more demands. For example, a new tele-video equipment and we are no longer Granny's bedside table to organize, under the TV designed to contain 50 kilos, "Horizon." We want a glass cabinet on iron legs, a solid wooden cabinet, designed to accommodate many components of TV video and audio systems.

Maybe, just changed the taste and stopped earlier favorite sideboard you please. Change the furniture is not always possible. Someone does not find a suitable color furniture, someone does not have the resources (and the furniture are not cheap), one can not find the right furniture design. In this case, you can make furniture himself. Assemble furniture yourself, your own hands? This activity is for Professional – tell you. But in reality, as in any case, the main thing is the desire, knowledge and effort, and experience comes.

Especially in our time a lot of sources where you can find everything you need. If yourself to do this business, we can simulate what is convenient, that fit into the interior appearance and its overall dimensions. Having made their own furniture – you kill several "rabbits". You get the furniture fits your design, color, fitting into your size and material of your choice.

   Oct 11

Considerations When Choosing Your MLM Business

Currently, the supply business for or MLM Network Marketing is huge and will continue to increase, the rise of this system captures the attention of companies that manufacture consumer products. U.S. Only More than 200 marketing their articles under this modality. In reality, the multi-level marketing is a way to market products and consumer services fairly new, has about 60 years and during that time have endured countless attacks that attempt to qualify as a fraudulent system, it is compared with the well known " pyramids "of money, those that do are clearly illegal and constitute a scam. Like any new system that departs from the conventional, must withstand attacks from all sides, from enemies who attack it for free simply out of the traditional schemes, so misunderstandings of legislators in many countries that hamper their normal development. Fortunately, time has shown that the system is valid, which presents numerous advantages over systems traditional and is not a substitute for these, but another way to invest differently.

So that who want to start a business, now has alternatives to the conventional. If you, dear reader, is anxious to know what needs to be evaluated to make the right choice when investing in this kind of business, I'll give some points for reflection for analysis and make the decision that best fit their preferences. The first point we must understand when thinking about building a MLM business is that the MLM is just that, a BUSINESS and as such requires the same quality of decision and level of commitment that a conventional business.

   Oct 10

Beer Belly

If you have a beer belly, because it is made to base of beer or other sugars, it usually means that you have some resistance to insulin. This usually occurs due to an abusive intake of sugars. Sugar is also in beer, so you focus on reducing the intake of all these types of foods, sugary foods and, Yes, your beer is one of them 1 drink fewer beers. Okay, okay, this seems silly and is evident. But it is completely true. If you want to lose that beer tummy, you have to reduce your weekly intake of beer. The beer contains sugars that has no benefit to your purpose. 2.

Essential fatty acids. It strengthens your essential fatty acids, especially the omega-3. To do this it takes fish oil, either in spoon or by capsules. 3 Black beer. Supermodel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is preferable to the blonde as it has more amount of antioxidants and help fight insulin resistance. In addition, you supposedly, drinking less quantity. 4 Go to the doctor. Although it is tempting, no te saltes this step.

An appointment quick with your doctor or nutritionist can help you back on track. Your information shall be accurate and, in the long term, you can save time. 5 Incorporates cardiovascular exercise to your daily routine. If you don’t exercise, you will have to start to shake that beer belly. Exercises of cardio-intense are best when you have to get rid of visceral fat (that is one fat that you have in your belly). Try brisk walking, running, lifting weights or on an elliptical machine, anything that makes your heart work. 6. It tones the abdominal muscles with a vibrator belt that massage the area and stimulates the blood circulation. You also have positive effects on the skin so that, as your tummy is diminishing, skin go adapting smoothly to your new form. 7 Keep abdominal work that fits with your routine. Abdominal exercises will help deflate the tire you have on the waist. Consult with a personal trainer, a gym or an expert in abdominal before lanzarte to sit-ups. It is best to make 25 abdominal well facts that badly made 500. 8 Eat correctly. Again, something obvious, but very important. It reduces the calories in your body’s metabolism. If sdabes that your body has a faster metabolism, decrease your fat intake will make a big difference. If your metabolism is slow, it will be beneficial in addition to the fats you reducing the intake of carbohydrates and increment of protein not fats. This does not mean that te metas in the Dr Atkins diet need carbohydrates break have energy! 9 Put tripe. Once you take the transverse abdominal muscle exercise routine, you can squeeze your ABS simply by inserting gut. It looks like a joke but it is a good exercise to win the battle to the beer belly.