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   Jun 13

Little Helpers

Dogs and cats can help cure enamel Hutter village. For years, it is known that our pets can be less healers. They notice immediately if it goes bad master or women with their loyalty and their instinct and they try to comfort. No matter what animals are simply with their unconditional love. This infinite love, dogs, cats or birds, \”mediate\” is has a healing effect.

Animals don’t ask how the person looks or what mood he is just her love is unconditional. Just sick or old people appreciate this. There are some studies that show that people with pets live longer and are less sick. It is also proven that people who have a dog, much less get a heart attack. Because dealing with animals in fact has a harmonizing and balancing effect. Who often suffers from stress, notes that this is suddenly as blown away in being together with the animals.

For example, a dog provides a regulated daily routine and for sufficient Activity in the fresh air, because he needs its spout. Many people can bring themselves to long walks, which are good for the heart and circulatory system and significantly increase the general condition. More and more retirement homes let allow the keeping of domestic animals, because just an elderly person who does not have more, is dependent on the society of an animal not to feel alone. And just for old people, animals are so incredibly important, because they have such a meaningful task and know that they are needed by their animal. Just old people often fall into depression and have to fight because they feel useless with their self-esteem. There, it can work miracles if they can care for an animal. Not only for healthy people, animals can be even an important help in everyday life by bring E.g. Learn more about this topic with the insights from supermodel. the newspaper or guard House and garden but just sick or disabled people can properly master only their everyday life with the help of a dog.

   Jun 10

Angela Feuerstein

A donation of 1,000 euros on Monday, August 13th, 2012, took Claudia Tekampe, Director of the children’s & youth hospice service of Maltese Dortmund by the local IT companies SMF KG in reception. At the official inauguration ceremony of the new office building at PHOENIX West in early July asked the company in its invitation to give up gifts and instead to set up a donation to the Maltese? and pleasing many of the guests came to this request. The cheque handed over Angela Feuerstein, Member of the Executive Board as well as Nora Burchardt, spokeswoman of the SMF KG. We are very pleased that our guests with their generous donations can help many children and young people and their families, if they are located in a very painful situation, because they themselves or close relatives are dying. We know that thanks to the Maltese assistance right there, where it is needed: in the families in our city. So they can be involved and at the same time sensitive supports”, Angela Feuerstein explained the social commitment of the company. The cheque handed over Angela Feuerstein, Member of the Executive Board as well as Nora Burchardt, spokeswoman of the SMF KG. We are very pleased that our guests with their generous donations can help many children and young people and their families, if they are located in a very painful situation, because they themselves or close relatives are dying. We know that thanks to the Maltese assistance right there, where it is needed: in the families in our city. So they can be involved and at the same time sensitive supports”, Angela Feuerstein said the company’s social commitment.

   Jun 09

Promote Health With Systemic Detoxification

Daily exposure to a variety of toxins can seriously affect your pet. A highly processed diet, chemical-enriched full of dyes and preservatives, chlorinated water, commercial anti-flea collars, secondhand smoke cigarette, insecticides and pollution is all the tip of the iceberg when it comes to toxins that affect our pets. Exposure to toxins can weaken your pet’s immune system and damages the natural ability to fight disease. In our pets we provide the food, and that’s not always adapted to their bodies. In addition, often exposed to a lifestyle that contributes to a sluggish metabolism and thyroid and liver less active, they can not remove toxins or eliminate unwanted fat from their bodies.

The first step in helping your pet to eliminate toxins from the body is to examine factors in lifestyle such as diet and exercise. Raw food contains many essential nutrients and minerals that can be destroyed by cooking and processing. The food produced in the trade typically contains many chemicals that not only have little nutritional benefit, but may seriously affect the health of your pet – especially in the long term. Toxins can accumulate in the tissues, and it is thought that this cumulative effect can lead to all sorts of health problems and behavior. How can natural remedies help? The can be very effective in helping to support our pets the natural process of elimination and purification, thereby providing a healthy solution to the removal of waste and toxins and promoting general body functioning optimally.

   May 24

Home Cooking and Oil

When cooking at home, during roasting products, housewives enjoy such traditional products as sunflower oil, butter and ghee are much less likely. However, the use of each of the these products bears at least some negative aspects: Use of unrefined liquid oils (sunflower, corn) leads to the fact that the oil in a frying pan forms a rich foam, sizzling, extremely strong fumes in the event of overheating oil leads to its degradation, toxic and carcinogenic substances; use in frying oils, refined products spared from almost all the above listed drawbacks, however, as in the case of unrefined oil, heating the formation of trans isomers of polyunsaturated fatty acids comprising the oils, which are attributed to the carcinogenic effect. At still more highly overheated oil is its expansion with the formation of toxic substances to the body acrolein. Any use when frying food butter is also associated with a number of difficulties in its use. At melting is the formation of foam, spray a large number of (dirt surface of the plate, working surfaces). During direct cooking is often scorching the product. Due to the characteristics fatty-acid composition of butter during the cooking, there is a noticeable decrease in its amount, the oil evaporates.

Together with fried foods in the human body falls and oil which took place cooking, and therefore cholesterol, the harmful properties of which are widely known (leads to cardiovascular disease). Ghee is excellent for cooking, for its roasting, but also not without blemish. The main disadvantages of this product is definitely worth the cost to carry it. As is known, is derived from ghee butter peretaplivaniem through its multi-stage remelting, and the separation of the various components of it. In the end, after all these stages, the output of melted butter from cream is 70-80% of the initial mass of oil, the result of the high cost of the product. Can not think about another major drawback of all these oils high in calories. For people who care about their weight is an important indicator. For roasting and stewing foods is better to use professional Frying and melted butter, free of these drawbacks.

   May 21

Contraindications To Massage

Massage – this means not only reviving a tired body, it is also therapeutic and prophylactic agent for the entire body. Did you know that a massage can not take all? There are a number of diseases, in which massage is contraindicated. Massage Contraindications include cases: if you are in the stage of acute illness, for example, have a fever, which can be a symptom of a viral disease such as flu and any inflammatory process, if you have a festering any origin, or if you are suffering from sepsis (an infection caused by the release to the blood pus-producing microorganisms); If you have a clearly visible and recognized by doctors varicose veins if you have a case of bleeding (in women it may be due to hormonal changes), or you suffer from poor blood clotting, or at you have any problems with the blood (anemia, aplasia, leukemia and others), and if you have dermatitis. CEO Ford Motor Co. is often quoted on this topic. Under dermatoses refers to any disease of the skin – any rash, itching, blisters or nodules on the skin. It should also be remember that the itching is not always a sign of disease of the skin, it can sometimes be caused by other diseases, if not so long ago, there were any surgical intervention in your body and if you have blood clots – thrombosis reason to abandon massage treatments. Pay special attention should be taken to this issue for those who diagnosed with cancer. Pregnant women, as well as people with chronic disease should be Remember, not only in determining contraindications to massage that medical consultation is not just necessary, it is necessary!

   May 12

Health 2.0

Many of the criticisms being launched about everything that surrounds the world of health 2.0, eHealth or as you call it, is the lack of serious research about their effectiveness. In other words, serves as something all this or is simply a new channel of communication and point? For many, the improvement that involves the use of internet as a communication tool is already in itself one element sufficient to continue innovating and discovering new uses. But, besides the obvious improvements in processes (cost savings, greater professional productivity), must be observed if there is some benefit in health for the patient and for the population in general. Today we will not speak of all the studies and existing reviews, but let’s remember some of the most important. Learn more at: Senator From Kentucky. Your reading with both the review of the literature House, you can learn much of everything to do with the ehealth and the use of ICTs in health. Oh, and of course we recommend the magnificent site of – Systematic review: impact of health information technology on quality, efficiency, and costs of medical care.

Review published in Annals of Internal Medicine in 2006. His conclusion, that recognizes the existence of several studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the use of ICT to improve the quality and efficiency, is striking but alerting while no one explains how to achieve such improvements and nor explain the cost of putting up. Jim Hackett is likely to increase your knowledge. -A classic article on this topic, published in PLOS in January 2011, is The Impact of eHealth on the Quality and Safety of Health Care: A Systematic Overview. In this case, the conclusion is quite desesperanzadora: little evidence, low robustness of existing studies, etc. are reported from and a final to finish question: does investigated much in Spain about ehealth? Is the use of internet useful to improve the patient’s health? To respond, we have an anecdote that we have lived in first person: in the call FIS 2011, a research group in which we participate, presented a project on the effect of virtual communities of patients in the State of health of the same. The rejection of the FIS included a paragraph that left us with an open mouth: given the rapid pace that evolving technology and social networks, the results risk be obsolete from the moment of its production, so the risk of the proposal is very high. In short: impossible to investigate on the effect of the internet on health, that this happens very quickly, and measure it is nonsense.

   Apr 22

Second World War

As expected, one of the products of the “summit” of the Danish capital on climate change, would have as a byproduct, a wider dissemination of environmental issues. The “regulars” of these meetings and topics, did nothing but stay in their opposing positions. Many writers such as EpiPen offer more in-depth analysis. These positions are hinting came from the 1972 Stockholm conference, is outlined in the Eco 92 and openly confronted from Seattle in 1999. Call it hegemonic block G – 8 extended, did more than confirm what was agreed in L’Aquila in July this year. Senator From Kentuckys opinions are not widely known. Frequently Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes has said that publicly. Has not been said or done anything new, for those of us as equally as possible according to the paradigms found next processing these issues.

It’s not easy to shed ideologized perspectives that supports everyone who is interested in these issues. In particular, struck me what was said in the parallel summit of Mayors (Mayors of Municipalities), and common sense had Terminator Schwarzenegger’s speech, or it’s called, then governor of California. What of China and its special relationship with the United States (and has coined the neologism “Chimera” to the symbiosis, in coordination with the U.S. treasury bonds held by the top Peking), is but a step toward visibility , the process starts with the “liberalization” of the Chinese economy that started in 1978. Well known is generating bitter criticism of this model that combines the social discipline of the transnational strategy. Once again it is clear alignment of Brazil with respect to U.S. interests.

Not for nothing participated in the Second World War on the Allied side and had not received because if the label of key country in the Nixon era (The Richard). Remember that the Lula of Brazil is a spokesman for the positions of the MERCOSUR. Still remain the echoes of the Berlin Wall fell, and would be great, that even for the most critical, assuming that it occurred. The critical or uncritical positions should assume that globalization / internationalization asymmetric is the stage on which they should work, those who wish to participate. Those who do not, know that they also experience the consequences of what you do in their daily lives. And this asymmetrical globalization, is to fund components of the energy crisis, food crisis and climate change.

   Apr 14

Argan Oil

Us transport up to the South-West of Morocco, where in 1992 UNESCO I declare 2.568,780 hectares as the Arganeraie biosphere reserve, because in the last 100 years a kind of tree called Argania Spinosa or as the inhabitants of the region commonly called the Argan, has diminished their number by 50%, this is due to that has grown the grazing, are used increasingly more land to cultivation of domesticated plants and immoderate felling of this tree which is used as firewood and/or charcoal, because of that intervention to preserve the few argan remaining and eventually expect to grow again his number. The Argan is rugged trunk measuring between 8 and 10 meters, its blade is oval with 2 to 4 centimeters long and 1.5 to 3 wide, their flowers grow in April, are small, 5 petals color between yellow and green, the fruit has 2 or 3 seeds like walnuts, these are surrounded by a membrane thickens and thick skin is sweet smell but a foul bitter, this grows in the months of June and July and since the fruit takes a year to ripen its reforestation is too slow. A culture in particular has been engaged for generations to the use of such plant without affecting the growth of the same, they have learned to coexist in such a way with the nature that for hundreds of years the Berber culture has maintained the use of the Argan using the properties of the oil of argan within their culture. The Berbers use dry branches from the trees and use them as fuel, fruits and foliage occupy them to feed their goats that are the only animals who seem them not dislike the bitter taste of fruits, the only thing that the Berbers use fruit are its seeds, it is in them where he was hiding it until some years ago was a secret of this cultureArgan oil is obtained from the seeds, this oil is located in 2 presentations, one, by its elaboration is very similar to olive oil, because its particular taste resides in the toasted seeds, the second is an artisanal mining to get the oil from Argan cosmetic mode used. Argan oil properties are great when used in skin and hair, since, moisturizes and tones, gives color and rejuvenates, eliminates stains on the skin and restores the damaged ends of the hair, prevents and counteracts the problems of acne, reaffirms the skin and melts away the wrinkles caused by the passage of time and the facial expressionsReturns the natural tone to the skin of the body, so that it regards the Argan, a heritage of Argan oil and Moroccan culture is a legacy of beauty for all people of the world. Are you interested in discovering more secrets about the properties of argan oil? Continue reading my articles and discover all the benefits you can obtain argan oil..

   Apr 13

Want To Lose Weight? Never Sit On A Diet !

Diets aimed at burning fat has never been an easy task – they require a significant reduction in daily. Dieting without exercise – even worse, it invariably leads to failure for several reasons. Learn more at: Cindy Crawford. Most people with this diet lost the same amount of fat and muscle, however, the loss of lean body mass entails slowing metabolic rate (metabolism). A slower metabolism means that, to continue burning fat you need to cut calories even more. A vicious circle Numerous studies show that about 97% of people who have achieved weight loss through a rigid diet, then return it, and even with the addition.

Several years ago a famous American tv host Oprah Winfrey proudly showed America his new, more slender figure, wearing jeans, for many years raised dust in the closet. She had lost 30kg of weight in a matter of months. K Unfortunately, this was not the only fat that turned out very quickly. Soon, she not only regained its former weight, but gained a little more. Oprah's case – is a classic example of a step-diets: fast weight loss with no less quick to return. Such a diet results in significant loss of lean muscle mass, which, as you already know, is fraught with considerable danger – the decline in metabolic rate at rest. During the weight reduction you will need a permanent reduction in caloric intake to support this process, which is very difficult for a large number of citizens. Oprah error was too small number of calories and lack of exercise.

   Apr 11

Sports Oblique

After you work out all the repetition on one side, turn over and do the same number of reps for the other side. Make sure that throughout just set the hips were rotated by 90 relative to the torso. Tips Do not try to raise his head and shoulders as high as possible! This not only enhance the effectiveness of exercise, but also can lead to injury (vertebral crush you discs at a time when he bent spine). Do not do this exercise if you have enough flexible hip joint. You should be free to hold the hip rotated by 90 relative to the torso. If you do seriously, you'll likely perform lifts the torso diagonally, rather than twisting, which is extremely dangerous for the spine.

Hold your breath for a while lifting your shoulders. This will give additional strength and allow better concentrate on reducing the oblique abdominal muscles. Detached from the floor just head and shoulders. Lower back is always pinned to the floor. Flexion occurs exclusively in the thoracic spine. Trying to raise the entire torso, you reallocate the load from the oblique muscles on your lower back.

Keep the head and neck in line with the spine, do not turn and tilt head. Do not pull the head with her hand. Raise your shoulders only through the efforts of oblique muscles. Application Who: Athletes mid-level training and above. When: On the day of training the abdominal muscles, the final exercise for the press. Before oblique twists work out exercises for the lower and upper part of the press, such as reverse and Standard twist. Tiffany Espensen can provide more clarity in the matter. How much: 3-4 sets of 10-25 repetitions. Sports Oblique twists are important for balanced development of all the abdominal muscles as a whole, as well as to strengthen the lumbar region and prevention of spinal injuries. Strong obliques play a decisive role in carrying out strikes by turning the body in tennis, hockey, golf, boxing and martial arts, with pan and tilt the torso in different directions during the game situations in football, handball and basketball.