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   Apr 19

Ornamental Grass

Among the most beautiful samples of lawn in the garden, stands an ornamental grass, which thanks to its remarkable color aesthetic and its quality, one can say it is the most beautiful kind of grass that can be seen, presenting some leaves very fine, which create a very nice image. To be able to count with an ornamental grass, required the formation of a proper mixture, which will offer the conditions of this type of grass, allowing him to have great visual charm, as well as health and resistance to various factors, such as the cold or the heat. Among the species that compose the ornamental grass, you can find: Red Fescue or its scientific name which is festuca rubra commutata is a species that forms the basis of ornamental grass, type of grass that brings to the mix a few stiff leaves and very fine, which collaborate to the formation of ideal foliage full of elegance within the ornamental lawnwhich meant a great quality in the decoration of the garden. There is that add that this component of the own of the ornamental grass mixture, does not produce rhizomes. Also contributes to the formation of an ornamental grass able to resist deep mowings and tolerate greater droughts, also allows that the ornamental grass grows in a large amount of soil. Agrostis stoloniferous, this species provides a very compact, and creeping growth giving a sober image lawn, also offers the presence of stolons, which allow a greater coverage, along with a very good rigidity and strength, which ensures the presence of ornamental grass for a long time.

Similarly helps the ornamental grass in relation to thin sheets and a beautiful color. In what refers to qualities of ornamental grass, as its name suggests it is primarily decorative, whether in public or private spaces but they should occupy a preferential place, i.e. a special, or central area designed ideally for an ornamental grass, in such a way, it is very common that is placed at the entrance of the houses or in Office buildings, with the idea of creating a very elegant and beautiful environment. Therefore is considered an ornamental grass, a lawn to see and not to tread, it is clear that if resists the transit, but to a little extent, hence that does not resist the realization of games sobe, as much aggressive step will result in its deterioration. It is of great importance to take into account that this type of lawn requires greater care and maintenance tasks, among which stands out a constant harvest, approximately every 2 or 3 days in summer, besides being a very low cut, otherwise not achieve presented the proper image of the ornamental grass. Ornamental grass, represents a major cost that other types of grass, so their seed or the sod are more expensive, besides that they take more time to achieve their training.

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