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   Dec 31

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When we only know us through content, we also know what is good or bad for us. We differentiate between things that are good for my and which are bad. There is a fragmented perception of the integrity of life in which everything is interconnected, in which all events have their place and their necessary function within the whole. However, the whole is more than the appearance of things, more than the sum total of its parts, more than what life or the world can contain.The development of higher order and a purpose lies hidden behind the seemingly random or even chaotic succession of events that happen in life and also in the world. The Zen proverb expresses it beautifully: snow falls snowflake by snowflake, each one in its place should be. It is impossible to understand this higher through thought-order because everything you think is content, while the higher-order emanates from the field awareness, universal intelligence report.

But we can glimpse it, and what is We can more, enter in line with it, making us aware of the unfolding of that higher purpose involved.When we walk through a forest in which the hand of man has not intervened, our thinking mind only sees the disorder and chaos. You cannot even differentiate between the (good) life and death (bad) because everywhere springs from rotting matter and decaying life. It is only if we have enough inner stillness and if it mutes the noise of thinking that we can become aware of the hidden harmony, of the sacred, of the higher-order in which everything has its perfect place and could not be otherwise not be somewhere else.The mind feels most comfortable in a park built by the man because he has been planned through the thought; It has not grown organically. There is an understandable for the mind order while in the forest, there is an incomprehensible order which the mind interprets as chaos and that is beyond the mental categories of good and evil.We can not understand it through the thought, but yes feel it when we were able to silence the mind, do silence and attention without trying to understand or explain. Only then we can become aware of the sacred aspect of the forest. As soon as we felt the hidden harmony, the sacred, we realize that we are part of the same. And when we recognize that truth, we become aware of the same participants. In this way, nature helps us to enter again in keeping with the integrity of life.

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