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   May 19

Occupational Health

The invention of processes as occupational health has been responsible since its inception to provide workers a better quality of work in each of its locations, therefore this article will make allusion to the responsibility and consistency of occupational health and at the same time show that can benefit us this important program. Occupational health can be defined as the study and prevention of physical and mental illnesses that may affect the physical development of a worker than and therefore may affect the performance of the company, this is done with the firm intention to impact positively on the development of the company. Occupational health has different parts that together achieve a minimum safety standard to make workers work safely; some of these standards can be: preventive measure: this is an important part in occupational health, as this allows elements that can help workers in the event of an emergency and plans exist in all companies. Education: provide education to workers about safety issues is the fundamental part of occupational health, possibly because this process allows the conception of physically and emotionally more preparations for any emergency workers. It is important to mention the incentive to active breaks execution in the aspect of education, because this allows workers to perform stretching exercises each certain periods of time, directly contributing to avoid the appearance of some annoying evils articular and muscular. Safety elements: providing workers elements which may be useful in an emergency is a priority in occupational health, since in case of a disaster these elements can save your life. It is very important to highlight that the health occupational not only is responsible for preventing accidents at work, but it also devotes great importance of its activity to individually address the needs of workers, a clear example of this are the conception of elements such as: Ergonomics: possess items that provide to the worker a good comfort at the moment perform his job directly contributes to avoid the appearance of physical problems. Some of the most commonly developed ergonomic elements are costumes and modules of work thanks to the convenience that can provide help to keep the worker in constant comfort thus optimising their work performance. Study of diseases: this part of occupational health is responsible for studying which are the most frequent causes of disease of workers, and using the same seeks to reduce these causes so that worker can continue their work with total normality. It is important to mention that most entities both public and private are forced by law to carry out studies of occupational health, with the aim that people who work in these parts do so with complete peace of mind, managing to provide all the requirements so that this work is carried out as healthy as possible.

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