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   Nov 01

Not The Money The Window Heat

Properly isolated, you can save a lot of money. The nature helps the best. Who want to save energy, should replace its old Windows against modern heat-insulating Windows and gets also for more money from the State. A good energy consultation is concluded quickly, that many Windows wasting valuable energy. Warped frame and leaks between frame and wall allows valuable heat to escape. High energy prices thus tear holes in the budget. Can be countered however this waste. In houses of older manufacture, best all Windows should be replaced.

Energy from wood provide for reduction in energy and create a comfortable living climate. The Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau supports such modernizations with grants and loans at particularly favourable conditions. How to recognise a good energy? These are frames, glass and installation in the foreground. Wood is the high energy loss is to be prevented, with a temperature equalising property to prefer. Temperature in Windows can be measured and demonstrated, which has the best thermal insulation wood as a renewable raw material.

For this reason, wooden Windows are also pioneered the passive or low energy houses. A good energy advice is even that glass money saves. The new window heater with insulation or heat glass has proved to be particularly effective. Through the use of multiple glass lenses, the sunlight ensures maximum house warming. How much energy is ultimately lost by the window, is also on the installation. Wall thickness, insulation and wall materials play a not insignificant role, when Windows are placed completely in the Dammebene of wall construction. Well realize this can be during a renovation, if at the same time an EIFS is applied. Good specialists, who specialise in energy, pay attention to the exact installation. Albert Zimmermann

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