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   May 31

Natural Remedies

The truth is that I had not much idea of the functioning of the immune system until I studied foot reflexology, and discovered that it is the most important part to maintain our health. I’ll tell you why: imagine the immune system as soldiers in defense of our body (country), these soldiers are responsible for prevent from within our country individuals undesirable and dangerous (virus, batteries, allergens). When one of these individuals entering our country, soldiers enter alert state and prepare strategies of defence locations with 2 situations: 1 – the wrongdoer is known because it had already entered before, our defense system has stored across Factsheet who is, where it tends to attack, how you do and you will even know how to end thebecause the immune system saves and stores the information of all incoming attacks by the body through memory cells and thus be protected for other occasions. 2. If on the other hand, that individual is unknown, our soldiers will also attack but in a less organized manner and with all their forces because they know nothing of him and do not have the information to remove it properly. With which we can have most important healing reactions.

What happens if our defense system is weak? Today virtually no one is immune to 100% of your performance, stress, poor diet, tobacco, pollution and the mental attitude are the most important causes to weaken our immune system. And if our defences are not at full capacity we feel weak, depressed and apathetic, without power, with which we will be more predisposed to be invaded by any virus, bacterium, or harmful individual who ronde by the place. Then to get recover us seek help from medicines and antibiotics that far from helping us to improve, if we stop to read the leaflets we will realize that will arrange a thing for worsen another or many others.

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