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   Jul 17

Muscle Building

Creatine nowadays belong to the computer like the FIFA football game. One of the most popular and most commonly used supplements in bodybuilding should undoubtedly be creatine. For years, this substance is used to achieve performance improvements in terms of strength and muscle gains. This supplement for sprinters of the Olympic Games is in appearance appeared publicly for the first time. Creatine has many advantages for the performance-oriented power athletes with it. This body’s own substance, which the human organism from amino acids in an amount of approximately 2 g can produce daily itself, plays a very important role in the energy metabolism. The cells of people obtain their energy from the secession of a phosphate particle of the adenosine Tri-phosphate, which frequently as the energy currency”referred to the people.

Is one of these phosphate particles separated energy is released, the body can use. Unfortunately, the ATP memory only for a few seconds of intense stress range. Then she must Intensity are severely restricted or even suspended. To prevent this and to ensure some more seconds of exposure time or more reserves of power to elicit, now comes the creatine in the game. Creatine exists in the form of Creatine phosphate in the cell. Is a phosphate are split, the ATP, ADP adenosine di-phosphate is produced.

The Creatine phosphate now willingly submits its phosphate particles and from the ADP ATP can be resnythetisiert, which then again can be split and can supply new energy. The more Creatine phosphate now is in a cell, the more often this process can be repeated and the more energy is available. The supplementation with creatine now shows that in this way the Creatine phosphate stores expand can be up to a certain limit. As a result, it can improve its force values through the regular intake of creatine, which is offered on the market of food supplements in various forms, but finds its origin in the Creatine monohydrate. This It is also scientifically repeatedly demonstrated. Already 5 g daily over a monthlong period in various investigations could lead to a significant gain in force and a significant increase in muscle mass, what has made interesting this supplement for bodybuilders and not only for strength athletes.

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