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   Jan 12

Mrio Faustino

In the words of Mendes (2001: 199), ' ' it is of the artist loves who it and not of the scholars want who it to analyze and dissecar' '. Ademais, Faustino contrasts the steady beauty (in absentia) and the ephemeral beauty (in prefelt). The exemplificativo heading, perceives such use, mainly, in its poems 1 reason of the rose and 2 reason of the rose. Poem 1 reason of the rose, of 02/04/1948 Of the rose only the inconstil petal Inamissvel souvenir Where the perfume the incompassiva color? The beauty is only the Impious divine ticket and fugaz Poem 2 reason of the rose, of 02/04/1948 the asleep rose dreams dreams and dreams Why appeared the pink rsea dreaming dreaming? Lode so that the poem was born as its sensible petals : untouchable and humid of dew Lode so that it was the sleepy image of any free free thing exempts voluntarily imprisoned to one caule only for a sleep night. In this manner, it was looked to present, synthetically, in this work, the main aspects of poetical first of Mrio Faustino, having for reference, as already mentioned, the agreement of the professor Francisco Pablo Mendes.

The best found way to develop the final consideraes of this analysis is a citation of Mendes (2001: 200) that it denotes the beauty and poetry of the production of a young of, to the time, only 18 years of age. It has, mainly, in its poetical … a vocabulary gorgeous modern and that results highly of one adequate and suggestive job of the adjective, composing expressions of very capable a poetical potential of forcing in them, suddenly, that state of hypnosis of that in they say some teoristas to them of the pure poetry: ' ' sudden beleza' ' , ' ' transparent anjos' ' , ' ' fragile caminhos' ' , ' ' sticky mar' ' , ' ' soul esquecida' ' , ' ' hands balbuciantes' ' , ' ' rose assassinada' ' , ' ' angel desambientado' ' , ' ' presence frgil' ' , ' ' petal inconstil' ' , ' ' inamissvel lembrana' ' , ' ' color incompasiva' ' , etc. Reference: MENDES, Francisco Pablo. The poet and the rose: first notice on the poetry of Mrio Faustino. In: NUNES, Benedict (Org.). The Chico friend: fazedor of poets. Belm: SECULT, 2001.

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