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   Mar 16


In an application is vital to spend a little time to prepare for proficiency testing under load and stress, before being delivered. The time spent is more than recovered since it detected the possible side effects and may be tested this new functionality supports the number of concurrent users as specified in the requirements. Here are some specific objectives may be: Verify that the system is adjusted to withstand the maximum possible load using the current infrastructure. Celebrity trainer has much experience in this field. Ensure that, at a given workload, the pages that are accessed respond within the time interval specified by the panel of designers. Determine the average response time to get the user. Determine the maximum number of concurrent users that can access a specific page, or transactions per second that the device is able to bear.

Identify the pages that respond slower and faster. Identify the pages with a higher standard deviation in response times. Tests efficiency under high load should ideally run on a stable environment as similar as possible to the final production environment, following the above objectives, provided others may be added depending on interest pursued. Advantages of the tool JMeter Of the free tools, is the most complete and useful for the type of evidence in question. It is a tool used to perform functional tests, but also serves to regression testing web applications, something that sometimes is really complicated, depending on the application, but is almost essential in the maintenance and development of applications, if is to ensure adequate level of capacity in delivery of the product. .

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