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   Apr 07

Meditation On The Chakras

With such meditation, yoga, focusing on the chakras reach a rejuvenating and healing effect. The location of these chakras corresponds with the body's endocrine glands, which produce hormones. They are the energy centers of the body. As proven scientific research, under the influence of positive emotions, endocrine organs produce specific information material – regulatory peptides, or peptide hormones, which, as messengers, carry instructions the body's cells – how to work. This information is written in the form of a short chain of amino acids. 1.Sahasrara placed over his head and corresponds to the place penetration into the body of outer flow of energy.

Concentrating on the crown area and provide at its head astral crown, we dramatically increase the flow of comic energy in our body, thus equip him necessary reserve of vitality. 2. – a chakra of the head (corresponds to the pineal gland and pituitary gland). Mentally disabling vision, hearing, try to feel neboshoe nucleolus in the center of the head, this is the pineal gland. Now let's try it mentally ignite, like a bulb.

3.Vishutha – throat chakra (respectively, thyroid and parathyroid glands). Need to concentrate on the thyroid and parathyroid glands, and feel at the same time as them in all directions apply heat. 4.Anahata – a chakra located at chest level (respectively, the thymus gland). Visualize how the thymus (thymus) straightened and filled with vitality. 5. Manipura – a chakra located at the solar plexus (respectively, pancreas and stomach). Imagine how the work is included in the pancreas and starts with the stomach and other organs of the digestive tract generate secrets. 6.Svadhistana – three fingers below the navel, a tribute – in the Tien Kung) (respectively, adrenal glands). Putting his hands one by one into place, located below the navel to the three fingers, and put the first man left, and her right hand, and women – on the contrary, focus on this area, and mentally feel the work of adrenal glands. 7. Muladhara – a sex organs (respectively gonads – testes and ovaries). Thoughts turn to the work of the sex glands, but this does not get involved, because the majority of people and so they have hyperfunction. Thus, passing on all the chakras, we can move back. Linger on each gland should be no more than a minute. This is enough, to include it in rabotu.Klassichesky option – indulge in meditation in the morning, after awakening, and evening before bedtime. Activated with the help of his own consciousness endocrine glands endow the body with all the necessary substances for a healthy and long life. Thank you for your attention. Until we meet again.

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