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   Jan 17

Meat Processing Equipment

Now Russia has witnessed the development of small and medium-sized businesses – including the meat processing industry. The current process of meat processing very high-tech. This can be guessed by looking at the range are now offering products meat industry – in fact a change in temperature and time of processing of the product can give a whole new taste and quality. Click Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes to learn more. The variety of technologies and formulations was achievable with the use of modern meat processing equipment. We give a brief overview of modern equipment for meat processing and its capabilities. cutting and ground meat processing equipment Volchok – pre-grinding meat.

The meat is separated from the veins and bones, pre-ground into the top. Gyroscope – in fact, industrial meat grinder. Modern grinders are equipped with several bars to varying degrees shredding meat, as well as advanced safety systems to reduce occupational injuries. Cutter – the final grinding meat. Cutter (from the English. Cut – cut) in meat production machine final grinding meat and mixing it with other components. On a bed cutter has a bowl for grinding raw materials and cutting mechanism with several knives.

Form cutter knives affects the quality of grinding meat, processing it, using opredlennogo type cutter knives, you can get beef for different kinds of sausages. equipment sausage for sausage meat filling shells used manual and automatic syringes. Modern Sausage syringe supports evacuation, which allows you to remove air from the product to prevent it from spoiling. Syringes can operate in automatic or manual mode.

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