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   Dec 28

Marketing Manager

three new products for a bright fresh complexion that Restylane skincare products are based on the unique and patented since 1996 by Q-Med NASHATM hyaluronic acid (non-animal, stabilized hyaluronic acid). For more than 15 years NASHA is used already in the Restylane injection products for treating wrinkles. The secret of NASHA is the similarity to the body’s own hyaluronic acid, combined with a for safety proven in many publications and studies and efficacy. This technology has been developed in the laboratories of Q-Med now specifically for external application. The resulting tiny Crystal-shaped NASHA particles reflect light and shine the skin beautifully. They are microscopically small and have the ability to bind water effectively on the surface of the skin.

The moisture content of the skin thus remains in balance. Fine lines are visually balanced, the skin feels smooth, supple and delicate stroke. This combination of moisture and light reflection believes sustainable consumer and practitioner of the Restylane skincare care series special, what”, so Faye Peeters, Marketing Manager at Q-Med Germany. The basic range of skincare is now extended to three product innovations, to allow consumers to an even more individual wellbeing programme for a clean skin and an appearance ausgeruhtes. Restylane skincare eye serum intensive care for tired eyes the Restylane eye serum is designed for the special requirements of the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes. Not only with age, the skin in the region lose their elasticity and resilience.

Too little sleep, many hours before the computer screen, an unhealthy diet and too little fresh air let around quickly flabby and tired skin around the eyes, dark circles and smoothes may be the consequence. The Restylane eye serum contains valuable Cranberry seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and a slightly brightening effect. Dark shadows can so be mitigated and the oil nourishes the skin supple. The proven drainage effect”of the substance Eyeseryl has decongestant and calming effect, because it has a positive effect on blood circulation and skin elasticity.

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