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   Feb 21

Louder David Against Goliath

On the situation on the real estate software market: louder David against Goliath all reports concerning the market for real estate software systems show a market that is relatively heavily dominated by a supplier and its products. But even the small competitors are not idle. The editors of the online fair has observed the market. Their assessment: The David-versus-Goliath principle sends his regards. See the detailed article “Louder David against Goliath” the visitor center is free.

Like at a traditional fair, innovative providers present on with their entire product range. While traditional trade fairs are bound to fixed event dates and opening times, 24 hours 7 days allows the week of information and communication between visitors and exhibitors. Quickly and efficiently visitors can get an overview of the performance and range of solutions of the relevant service providers on the market. Decision support in the search for the appropriate software provide detailed product information with function list, business fitness, product descriptions, usage examples, and much more. Hakeem professional media GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading publishers of magazines and organizer of online measurement.

He published the title acquisa, SteuerConsultant, real estate management, HR Magazine, ProFirma, as well as business & training. The online measurement of the publishing house offers innovative Internet platforms, controlling,, and and download – and knowledge portals acquisa-premium, per company-premium and wuw-premium. Your contact person: Christine Scharf, press and public relations, Hakeem professional media GmbH & co. KG, In the cross 9, 97076 Wurzburg Tel. (09 31) 27 91 557, fax (09 31) 27 91 444 Web:

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