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   Dec 31

Living Online

Sometimes this effect is called disinhibition. This is a double-edged sword. Sometimes people talk about very personal things, about the secrets, fears, desires, may exhibit generosity and kindness. In other words, these are what in real life they do not allow yourself to be. And the online therapist should be aware of these metamorphoses. On the other hand the effect of disinhibition may lead to other anger, hatred and threats.

Frightened by their strong negative emotions, the client may terminate the therapeutic relationship. Online practitioners should learn to use a positive for the emancipation of deeper analysis of problems and be wary of the appearance of this effect with its negative side, since it is very likely not cope with such feelings the client. Emancipation – it is the sixth tool online therapy. Tool number seven – it's the "voice of the therapist in my head." In the living communion of man we see and hear his speech. We separate your voice from the voice of another. When correspondence is changing.

We read what is written and creates the effect of voice therapists in my head. Of course, we realize that the text was written by another person and can not agree with the thoughts and ideas contained therein. But let's not deny that our reading of the miraculous contributes to the process of internalization online therapist. Unconsciously, we can come up even with what face he wrote a response consultant, he thought, what feelings are experienced. Because he was at the time of reading the letter, is within us.

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