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   Feb 17

Life After a Wedding

Relations after the wedding. The honeymoon is over, and it was so good. But it is possible for the desire and ability to extend it for a lifetime. Would you like that? Let's try … The novelty in the relationship – you are husband and wife, "juice" time blunted, but we will try to do so, what would her husband hurrying home after work and did not stay on the job, not me in the evening at home with you at gatherings with friends over a bottle of beer.

Instruction number 1. To teach her husband to the house because men are big kids. Children are asked a toy, but after a while they get used to it, and there is no visual possession of it. Therefore, we must be different, what would her husband was attracted to you, how many times we make mistakes, yet shall find life experience and wisdom. We must always remember that you are the keeper of the family hearth. What would keep it in motion to start up their skills – be a good hostess, an intelligent companion, a woman vamp. It is very difficult, but eventually you'll learn everything, and the highest honor the words of her husband? "I have never met such a woman," I do not propose to prepare gourmet meals to buy expensive wine. The same fried potatoes, but laid out on a beautiful dish, the same salad from a jar, but beautifully served, and the main shower. During the meal – no discussion of serious problems, it can be done later, after dinner.

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