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   Feb 23

Leg Pain

How's your leg, then? Healed, I suppose? – Go, healed! – Galina said with a laugh, recalling an incident a month ago, when she inadvertently drove into a tree, dodging jumping out of bushes huge Doberman. – Be careful with skis, my girl! – Suddenly wailed the mother. – Take care of yourself, mama! – Shouted into the phone, Galina and the connection was lost. She always felt sad after talking with her mother. Navertyvalas tears to the eyes, when she represented a miniature mother figure, exuding the smell of cinnamon, and its ever-anxious eyes. Today, Galina had the day off. Do not want anything. She went to the first floor, is also filled with sunshine.

The tv was most boring spot soap opera, flavored zaekrannym laugh. In a cozy little town in the west of Austria, nothing ever happened. The only news was that puny artist Josef Cap again went into the bout and his black nyufaundlender Dobby walked to town with a sad, like a master, a person. In all other local life undisturbed. A tiny supermarket, two tiny bank, a toy town hall, police station and a microscopic the hospital-midget, where he was placed unfortunate Josef Cap.

Through the town slowly creeping "Opel" and "folsvageny. Sometimes with a crash on the main street riding in a jeep old mayor Horst Bauer. Where the mayor could go to anybody to know was not supposed to. Galina wore a sheepskin coat and left on the doorstep. Bright-blue snow blinded.

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