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   Feb 02

JC Penney

I avoid those like the plague, as best I can do is point of equilibrium. Speaking of offers for subscription of value, most credit card companies will promote some kind of credit card insurance. The operating mode that you pay about half of one percent of their monthly purchase totals so make sure your minimum monthly payment if your disability fired, death in the family, or suffer some other type of disease classification. This insurance can be a good idea for those who run a monthly balance and only make the minimum payment, but is useless for those of us who pay our balances every month. However, the credit card companies recognize this fact and never will pay usually try and give you a free trial period. I take these subscriptions only for cards that do not use, so it does not cost me anything. The best thing is that when treatment to cancel, to bribe me again to keep the subscription active! The bribe is usually in the form of discounted tickets of $ 10 to $ 25 per month for six months.

When I make a purchase that equals or exceeds the nominal value of the ticket, I send in the receipt along with the ticket and get a cash rebate about eight weeks later for a nominal value of the ticket. Then, when the tickets run out and I try to cancel my subscription again, I offer more tickets to stay subscribed. Sometimes, I have tried to cancel before six months and ran more tickets for the same card in the months of overlap! If you have multiple cards, not used, each one of these subscriptions, discounts may actually add up! In addition to the cards issued to me by the credit card companies, I have several cards issued by retailers such as Sears, JC Penney, Hecht's, etc.

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