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   May 15

International Salon

In the heart of Tuscany, 30 km from Florence, has settled Fiorentini Firenze (Castel Del Chianti) – one of the largest companies in Italy, producing olive oil of different categories and, of course, high-quality extravergine. The company was struck by its scale: the factory can be kept at the same time more than 10 thousand tons of oil. It uses 80 special tanks capacity from 9 to 500 tons each. In some freshly stored oil in the other – ready "blends." Olive oil – a product of living, never blends obtained absolutely identical, and Fiorentini Firenze, using such a volume capacity for storage products provides "uniformity" of products (for example, sold in a retail chain under the same label products), periodically pouring a bottle and dopostavlyaya production as its sales. Further path of the Russian delegation was in Verona – the exhibition Vinitaly. Verona hospitable welcome visitors and sunny in summer hot weather.

On the show floor was lively and crowded. The 17th International Salon of high-quality olive oil Extravergine (Sol), held as part of Vinitaly, caused an increased interest among foreign trade companies. A particular success enjoyed tasting the oil, especially when combined with a gastronomic dinner. They allow those who do not familiar with the culture of consumption of olive oil, to learn how to use this product in cooking. Another striking impression for Russian journalists was a visit to the booth Company Conte Spagnoletti Zeuli. Label oils, manufactured by the company, is decorated not only widely recognized label, but the family coat of arms Spagnoletti Zeuli.

It is a family company and with a long history: the first mention of the ancestors of the current Conte Spagnoletti Zeuli chapter relate to the 16th century. Products – Wine DOC Castel del Monte and IGT Murgia and olive oil Extravergine DOP Terre di Bari – Castel del Monte. But last night the group met in the famous Palazzo Verita 'Poeta-18th-century mansion, located in the heart of Verona. It gave the company welcome FARCHIONI, but in the old halls in the evening was set products are: olive oil Extravergine, wine and beer farm. This press tour, which ended April 10, marked the beginning of a massive campaign of the Consortium for Quality Assurance in olive oil Extravergine to promote these products in Russia.

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