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   Jul 05

Insomnia And Health

He learned insomnia with only one or a few nights there has been difficulty sleeping, you can prepare a person negatively, and the very immediacy of hours sleep, or activities prior to sleep and triggered the resulting stress is prelude to the sleepless night. Sometimes the reasons for those sleepless nights are related to you drink plenty of stimulating drinks like coffee, or alcohol, also affect some medicines. It is also usually significant not have a routine for rest, for example people who get used for work to change the work schedule, this influences the level of fatigue, and the alert level, with a direct impact on whether or not to sleep in a natural node and the hours expected for good rest. It also tends to affect not to have a dynamic activity, but sedentary. Intellectual work, without corresponding physical energy discharge influences bedtime because the person also feels a lot of physical energy without spending. All this was for the learned insomnia.

Now let's see what is secondary insomnia. Insomnia is due to causes that can be psychological (depression, anxiety), physical (pain is common cause of insomnia, either acute or chronic as in the case of a surgery. All previous shows that in this type of insomnia in addition to seeking the solution of insomnia itself must be sought modification of what causes, for example in the case of a depression is very common for depressed person to sleep in the early hours of the night if you do, and then, very early, long before daybreak the person is already up and starts wandering around the house.

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