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   Jan 20


The incompatibility is a common occasion in recent couples and even though in lasting relationships already. When two people if marry, are placing in shock different opinions, ideas and temperaments. But when they decide to join themselves matrimonialmente, they must be cliente of that nobody is equal to nobody. Thus also she must be the social life of each one: the people have that to accept the differences of the others, therefore nobody is perfect, but all are equal of certain form. It does not matter if one has a medicine college, another one is professor and another one only one pupil of average education. All have the same rights and same duties before the society and before God. Now, if I to think that of the form that goes it is all good, and all to reason equally, as a common sense, never will go to finish the violence in the home, and are so normal to see in the television cases of aggression against the woman: they are husbands who kill the wives, parents who kill the children and children who kill the parents. She is necessary to have union enters the people to give one is enough in everything this, because alone person, does not obtain to change the world.

E is necessary to have conscience of that I cannot change nobody: first I have that to change me exactly, so that the people change its behavior in relation me. He was said by means of Biblical prophecies, that in this time? what is considered the time of the end? the love if would cool of almost all. this we see every day in the reporter, the neighborhood and even though inside of our proper house. Lack love in the people, lacks to love the God, to next and the love itself exactly. The man has everything: money, women, cars, health and life. It has everything, but it lacks the love. I do not ask myself when everything this goes to finish, because I know that he does not go. But I still believe that he has men capable to value the women and to recognize the importance that they have. I know that still they exist men who defend its wives and are endowed with wisdom: they respect them and they give the love which the woman in such a way needs. To be woman is to be delicate, is to have intuition, to have one sixth sensible one and to know to give and to receive love. giving love to a woman, you will go to know that it is woman yes, but enslaved not!

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