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   Aug 24

Hygiene Products During Pregnancy

The use of hygiene products during pregnancy Pregnancy – tense time when the body is forced to rebuild all the authorities, where one task is carrying a child. Often the future Mothers are plaguing doubts: will they stay the same beautiful, do not lose the form, as reflected in the pregnancy hair, manicures, skin? If, on becoming pregnant, you suddenly stop using the usual makeup, you are depriving your skin important support. Instead of all the resources to transfer to the fetus, the body will start to be distracted by your nails, hair and skin. On another hand, would not it be cosmetics for pregnant women is harmful for a child? Cosmetics with all the details. Fortunately, There is a special cosmetics for pregnant women, which resolves all dilemmas. This makeup is made from only natural ingredients and tools, time-tested. Providing necessary food skin, it is not in any way can not hurt your child and keep healthy and beautiful women in a difficult period for the organism.

Cosmetics for pregnant women can be divided into the following groups: creams, oils and lotions for the care of skin before and after childbirth; cosmetics to facilitate childbirth and to prepare for them; the healing cosmetics against varicose veins and stretch marks. > The main ingredients of hygienic products for expectant mothers – it's essential oils. It is the use medicinal qualities of herbs gives the customary right to characterize the makeup really natural. Frankincense, myrrh, bitter Abyssinian, lavender angustifolia, juniper, eucalyptus, basil, orange, sage, korichnik Ceylon, rosemary, lemon, lemon grass Indian, Rosewood, kayeput, field mint, thyme, cloves – it is not a complete list of used and pomace extracts. In parallel, of course, all components are hypoallergenic.

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