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   Oct 10

Human Pain

Therefore, the review staff is very important … Source: supermodel. and from there take our tears, we cry for our own pain today, yesterday and forever … or cry … for this man or woman whom we love and are willing to give his life for them … There is no more, life is an individual experience, at least in the way we decided to share it with your partner, we need recognize what you cry, how we grieve, be a matter for the couple or not …

I cry to our self full of wounds and fractures, we believe nothing in life will ever be the same, and is indeed, it will not be the same again, because now we are hurt, angry, sad, angry, feeling of loss … it grieves us our own space, our own loneliness … that wonderful love object, called partner is no longer , gone, gone … And now, where I place my love, where I put my hopes, my dreams, with whom I share my free time, my sexuality, my lawsuits and anger, and with whom I have no fight … I cry the possibility of being loved, loved and appreciated, but also to conflicts and pains … but I wonder if my relationship has been a torment and suffering has made me more than to enjoy, what you cry? Perhaps you missed our lives cry but do not understand the circumstances differently, perhaps we love our partner to grow away from us has gone into the circle of violence, instability, unrest and misfortune. .

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