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   Oct 19

Human Brain

We can take as creation and light and destruction, the eternal darkness. Stronger than the human brain – nothing! An ancient race, all their knowledge suffered in a mysterious code, encrypted tex, deciphering which we can understand the principle of the universe and all that exists is correct. Knowing the true value runic symbols, you can stop time and turn it around. You can recover from any illness and to prevent any accident. You can enslave all of humanity, forcing him to work for our benefit and to create great race that will live up to the rhythms of our planet and the universe " As I have said, the history of the runes, and remains a mystery.

On stone slabs, polished to a thickness of two cm, we walked up to the list runic symbols that are used by the ancient Scandinavians. As well as pictures depicting the first rituals that were based on the same runic symbols. For example, one of the plates were deposited two figures, components of a plot. They portrayed the shaman, who holds a staff with a sharp tip in one hand and a piece of bark, in the other, cast spells, drawn on it. Before him burns a fire, and behind him on the ground, laid out stone sign in the form of runes Isa. The second plot shows the same shaman who puts the stamp on its belly bound man, depicting the same rune Isa. At the plate, under the second picture, was struck tex, which is described the value of the image.

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