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   Oct 25

How To Cope With The Death Of A Pet

Anyone considering a pet (pets) as a friend, colleague, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. Here are some tips to help you with this duel, and difficult decisions you face the loss of a pet. Is it crazy to suffer? The intense grief over the loss of a pet (pets) is normal and natural. Do not let anyone tell you that's nonsense, madness to feel sad. Over the years they spent together (even if not many), your pet (pets) has established itself as a constant in your life, and a significant part of it. It was a source of companionship and joy, unconditional love and acceptance, and happiness.

Do not be surprised then that you feel devastated by the loss of that relationship. People who do not understand the link between the pet and its owner probably not understand your pain. All that matters, however, is how you feel. Do not let others dictate your feelings. a Those are valid and can be very painful.

But remember, you're not alone. Thousands of pet owners have been there. What should I expect to feel? Different people experience grief in different ways. In addition to the sadness and sense of loss, you may experience some of the following emotions: Guilt may occur if you feel responsible for the death of your pet (pets). Syndrome. if only I had been more careful. . It makes no sense and is often a mistake to blame the accident or illness that took the life of your pet.

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