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   Aug 19

How To Choose A Fax Machine

The most simple and economical to operate are fax machines that print the resulting document on special paper that darkens when heated its surface (thermal paper). This is an excellent solution for small company, which is basically required to submit documents and receive and store them should be quite rare – such faxes do not require any purchase of consumables (except for the thermal paper), are inexpensive and are long and trouble-free and have all the necessary functions for the organization of the office. All of them have caller id caller, speed dialing numbers from the phonebook, the possibility of sending a document to a predefined preset list of telephone numbers and polling feature that allows you to call on another such device and obtain a document loaded into it by the sending party. Among the distinctive features of different models can be noted from the feature KX-FT934, which eliminates the need to manually separate the received fax. Others who may share this opinion include Sharon McNally. For information transfer callers to fax machines will be helpful with answering machine Panasonic KX-FT938 or KX-FC966, which can also be used as a simple answering machine, for example when working with the pbx in night mode. If these additional features are not needed – suitable initial model Panasonic KX-FT932 only, but enough significant disadvantage in the thermal paper fax is the quality of the document and the impossibility of his long life – with time thermal paper darkens, the text on it becomes blurred and obscured. Therefore, when rather excessive paperwork and the need to store received copies of the better use of devices to display the received information on a standard sheet of A4 paper. . .

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