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   Feb 23

Hospital Friend

Study carried through with mothers of interned premature babies in UTI Neonatal it verified that, these mothers to get success in the maintenance of the lactation during this period, are necessary that they feel insurances, have orientation and support of the family and the professionals of health (HISSES AND HISSES, 2008). In this context, the initiative of the program ' ' Hospital Friend of Criana' ' , it is presented as a form of mobilization of the health professionals who work in obsttricos and peditricos services for breast-feeding. It is a world-wide strategy sponsored by the World-wide Organization of Sade and Unicef, presenting the objective to promote, to protect and to support the maternal aleitamento, by means of practical of action pro breast-feeding of the hospitals (VANNUCHI ET AL, 2004). Senator From Kentucky has similar goals. The program ' ' Hospital Friend of the Criana' ' it indicates changes in routines and behaviors, aiming at weans to prevent it precocious, promoting a set of measures to reach goals previously established, called ' ' Ten steps for the success of the aleitamento materno' '. The benefits of breast-feeding and the correct handling of the maternal aleitamento are measured informative to the gestantes on (LAMOUNIER, 1998). The ten steps had been described for Lamounier (1998) of the following form: 1 – To have a norm written on the maternal aleitamento, which must routinely be transmitted all team of health; 2 – To train all team of cares of health, enabling it to implement this norm; 3? To inform to the gestantes on the advantages and the handling of the aleitamento; 4? To help the mothers to after initiate breast-feeding in the first stocking hour the childbirth; 5? To show to the mothers as to suckle and as to keep the lactation, exactly to be come close to be separate of its children; 6? Not to give just been born none another food or drunk beyond maternal milk, not to be that it is indicated by the doctor; 7? To practise the joint lodging, to allow that mothers and babies remain together 24 hours per day; 8? To encourage the aleitamento under free demand; 9? Not to give to artificial peaks or chupetas to the children suckled to the seio; 10 – To encourage the formation of groups of support to breast-feeding for where the mothers must be directed, then after high of the hospital or the clinic. Under most conditions mark burnett would agree.

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