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   Dec 10


What is homeopathy, many have heard, but know little about it. Pharmacists treat it lightly, and gladly would have long since got rid of it, but can not – it helps. And, most importantly, without the complications of varying degrees gravity. This homeopathic cures never illness or symptoms, he always treats the patient. Therefore, the choice of homeopathic medicine – is an art doctor homeopath. So how homeopathic remedies made? Taken alcoholate, such as Brioni, it is taken from one part and mixed with 10 parts of the same solvent – alcohol.

Now begins the rite: agitation, more shaking. This shaking is called potentiation. Received the drug with the potency D1. In medicine D6 potency ratio of 1:1 to alcohol Bryony million. Relation to drug potency D200 will be measured as one with 200 zeros alcohol. Everything that happens after the D23, is ritualistic agitation alcohol.

Opponents of homeopathy have the right to celebrate, as the hedgehog and it is clear that homeopaths work with 'nothing'. Yes, and even bullied, by appointing D30, for example, once a day. A D200, once every six weeks. Well, what does not fraud! With such comprehensive information nonsense of the power in our society, should not be too surprised that sneer so easily given to expose to ridicule homeopathy as silly superstition. Recall that disease – is information. Information that you something is missing. So to give a person the right, missing information, and he healed. The main tenet of homeopathy, Hahnemann set out brilliant – LIKE Healing Like. For example, the same Bryonia, acting poison contained in it, causes healthy human disease with characteristic symptoms. If the patient has symptoms similar to poisoning picture of healthy volunteers, the it was she, now in homeopathic form, is a suitable means of healing. Organism as it is informed that he must get rid of pent-up venom of the disease. And he dutifully disposes. That is what occurs in homeopathy. Step by step, through the potentiation, released the very essence of the plant, mineral, animal, its personality. Understand the essence of potentiation, as staged 'process spiritualization' people in matter able to not just get rid of the symptoms, but to really heal.

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