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   Mar 11

Holistic Education

In this paper I present a remembrance of the experiences I have lived during my path in the masters in holistic education, all what I learned meant a process wonderful in my life, it was to find myself with myself, start to decide with my spiritual being, unconditionally loving everyone, appreciate me, and value every day that I have to side. Before I felt that something was missing me, let’s say, I didn’t have something saying this you want to change, but I did not feel full, and felt that I was looking for something more, but I didn’t know what was that something. And during the course of the analysis of the different thematic axes, wonderful encounters with the Sangha, I realized that something was to be connected with myself. I discovered that many times I wasn’t connected with myself and why not enjoy certain times or certain things that would need them to enjoy. The master gave me the possibility to connect me with me, shoot down a lot of futile efforts, and be happy and happy, with love and with unconditional love. While they are repeated words, it is the truth. It was a unique experience, excellent driving Dr.

Gallegos, advisers and the wonderful group who make up each of the companions gave him a very spiritual touch our group, each of their contributions have helped me in a very meaningful way, helped me to open roads that had closed, helped me to understand that life is not just todayIt follows the life. I’m extremely grateful with everyone and Ramon Gallegos, because really I made because I could fulfill the dream of being happy. I had the opportunity to accommodate parties of my childhood that were absolutely cluttered each one of the activities that we carry out for my they were healing, they helped me to repair many aspects of my much spiritual growth, was a very large emotional cleaning.

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