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   Jul 07

Healthy Deserts

If you look like to me (and thousands of other people), your life stops at the mere mention of a chocolate cake, tart lime or a cookie with chocolate chips. Yes, I love to eat a delicious dessert from time to time, but is that to maintain my weight loss of 14 pounds and continue to enjoy life in a healthy body, is something I do regularly. (What a nuisance!) So therefore have occurred to me some strategies that help me curb my taste for sweets when makes its appearance baked apples with cinnamon, tea herbal sweetened with stevia, or sprayed with a little honey fruit salad. However, sometimes these options do not help some people. They want a delicious slice of cake or a biscuit, or a cake. Is there any way of eating them and continue a healthy regime? I decided to investigate a little and discovered some excellent ways to bake and create some healthy and delicious desserts without all the sugar and flour that tend to have most of them. I felt so excited to share with you These recipes today that I have not had opportunity to test them by myself (However, now know what I’ll be doing this weekend). Try them out and be sure to send me an email so we can compare notes. Am also going to ask my husband to me his honest opinion about them (poor guy, will be trying out desserts throughout the weekend, do not feel pity by the?) Biscuits ingredients: 1/3 cup Virgin organic coconut oil or melted butter cup cocoa powder 6 eggs Cup of stevia for baking (which is equal to 1 cup sugar) teaspoon vanilla teaspoon Celtic Sea salt Cup sifted organic coconut flour 1 cup of chopped walnuts (optional) instructions: In a saucepan over low heat, mix butter with cocoa powder.

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