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   Feb 22

Health Protection

For many people, health is one of the main points in your life, so always seek the best possible care to keep health protection of the highest quality, which means having a service for optimal efficiency of best aspects for the prevention or treatment of various diseases, for which many people have joined the so-called prepaid medicine, which thanks to the quality of the provision of services to which access to these health plans has become the model more comprehensive medical care and therefore more suitable for having excellent health on the basis of prepaid medical and benefits to be gained with this. Additional information is available at Gunnar Peterson. Undoubtedly prepaid medicine is the best thing you can have for health care in terms of prevention and care, so much so that prepaid medicine is considered the elite of health systems, however get some such excellent conditions also means a greater economic contribution, ie the services that flow from the prepaid health has a greater cost in relation to other health systems, in one form or another prepaid medicine is aimed at people with higher economic resources. Some of the key features found in the prepaid medical system, are: The prepaid medical programs is not based on principles of solidarity and, as with other systems, but the prepaid medicine is based on the idea that each person receives a particular attention as the contribution you make, so everyone can make a health care plan to suit your needs and conditions. For the conditions of providing service in prepaid medical health, from a legal view is not a social security system, but a contract of insurance, which makes the level of assistance and protection can agree, therefore users determine the level of coverage and benefits, both for a single person or a family group the services provided in the prepaid medical vary the amounts to be made, and the medical risk coverage is desired, which may have some disadvantages, because for the completion of the first insurance contract is a complete medical examination, together with an assessment of medical history, this with the idea of whether it is viable or not membership based on the level of costs that would care for that person. The prepaid medicine companies manage two modes of operation, one is that you have a service contract with a considerable number of clinics and hospitals, ie different hospitals can provide the service, which means a lot of coverage, not be tied to a single point of attention, the other is that the company is a provider of prepaid medicine has its own network of service centers.

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