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   Jan 16

Health Properties of Almonds

Almonds. Of the 13 species, is crucial ordinary almond, which is a tree up to 6-10 m, or a shrub. Almonds grows wild in the southern Caucasus and the southern slopes of the mountains of Central Asia, as well as relatively small areas in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The total area under the wild almond in Central Asia is 23 hectares. Full fruiting occurs from 12-15 years. Almond is a sweet (edible) and bitter (Inedible). The seeds of bitter almonds are toxic because they contain a significant amount of amygdalin, as an opportunity to clean the pillows on the equipment for cleaning pads. Sweet almond has an elongated, laterally compressed form.

The core of its white color, sweet taste, but with a slight aroma. In almonds contains 50-60% fat, and the amount of protein ranged from 16.5 to 35%. Almond oil is a nondrying and has important nutritional value, is used in medicine and for other purposes. Fruits harvested almonds after they are completely ripe. After collecting the nuts are dried in the sun and released from the fruit shell.

Need cleaning pads. In Depending on the output of the nucleus and the strength of sweet almond shell nuts are divided into four commodity groups pomologicheskie: paper-skorlupnye, soft-skorlupnye, tightly-and solid-skorlupnye skorlupnye. The average percentage of nuclei in these four groups is, respectively, 58.5, 39.9, 32.6 and 23.1%. The higher classes are the first three groups, to l-th grade – solid skorlupnye. In the premium nuts are allowed: the presence nutshell – no more than 1% (l-th grade – 3%), nuts, damaged by pests – no more than 0.5% (1%) of undeveloped nuts – not more than 1.0% (3%), with nut stubborn skin for restoration – not more than 2% (5%), moldy kernels with a kernel less than 1% (3%), with a bitter kernel nuts – not more than 1% (3%). The presence of live pests (insects or larvae) are not allowed. Nuts are packed in boxes or woven bags, net weight not exceeding 50 kg.

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