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   May 22

Health Characteristics

Let us see in the words of Souza: ' ' The Strategy Health of the Family considers a new dynamics for the estruturao of the health services, as well as for its relation with the community and enters the diverse levels of assistencial complexity. It assumes the commitment to give universal, integral, equnime, continuum and above all resolutive assistance to the population in the unit of health and the domicile, always in accordance with its real necessities, identifying the factors of risks, which it is displayed, and in it intervined of form apropriada' ' (SOUZA, 2000, P. 25). Coast (2004), still exception that according to Health department, a unit of health of the family carries through attention continues in the basic specialties, with a multiprofessional team qualified to develop the activities of promotion, protection and recovery of the health, characteristics of the primary level of attention. The work of teams of the Health of the Family is basic for the permanent search of communication, exchange of experiences and knowledge between integrant of the team and these with popular knowing of the communitarian agent of Health. The teams are composed, at least, for a doctor of the family, a nurse, one nurse aid and communitarian agent of health. When extended, it still counts on: a dentist and one technician in dental hygiene. (BRAZIL, 2001) In accordance with Portaria N 648, of 28 of March of 2006, beyond the characteristics of the process of work of the teams of Basic Attention, was definite the characteristics of work of the Health of the Family: To keep brought up to date the cadastre of the families and the individuals and to use, systematic form, the data for the analysis of the health situation considering social, economic, cultural, demographic the characteristics and epidemiologists of the territory; Necessary definition of the performance territory, mapping and recognition of the attached area, that understands the definitive population segment, with continuous update; Diagnosis, programming and implementation of the activities as criteria of risk to the health, prioritizing solution of the more frequent problems of health; Practical of the extended familiar care, accomplished by means of the knowledge of the structure and the functionality of the families whom it aims at to consider interventions that influence the health processes illness of the individuals, the families and the proper community; Work to interdisciplinar and in team, being integrated areas techniques and professionals of different formations; Promotion and development of intersetoriais actions, searching partnerships and integrating social projects and similar sectors, directed toward the promotion of the health, in accordance with priorities and under the coordination of the municipal management; Valuation of the diverse ones to know and practical in the perspective of an integral and resolutive boarding, making possible the reliable creation of bonds with ethics, commitment and respect; Promotion stimulaton to the participation of the community in the social control, the planning, the execution and the evaluation of the actions; e? Accompaniment and systematic evaluation of the implemented actions, aiming at to the readequao of the work process.

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