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   Feb 05

Hamburg Training

Is a mixture of dance, martial arts and relaxation on joy amazing effects / also attest the own movement participant Promi Judith Rosmair NIA NIA dance excited more and more people in Europe. According to estimates by industry experts, now several thousand men and women practice the fitness developed in the United States and wellness program. Due to the increasing demand more and more fitness, dance studios and sports training hours offered. After NIA first introduced in the late of 1990s in Hamburg was and has experienced a real boom, there are now also deals in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt and other German cities. The classical fitness has over decades primarily with the objectives of stronger, faster, intense, powerful and also anger presented in terms of. Serenity, happiness and relaxation evolve as subjects only for several years”, says Conny Hasselbach, Managing Director of the trendsetter fitness clubs Kaifu-lodge in Hamburg and more describes the development of holistic fitness activities. The Kaifu-Lodge has NIA with over 1300 guests per day for years with huge success in the program. Because only NIA offers this connection, together for the body to do something with others and to be in relaxed and happy.” NIA is an American abbreviation which translates neuromuscular integrative action”means a program of motion choreography that was invented in the 1980s and constantly evolving by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas from Portland (Oregon).

The training sessions are practiced barefoot and a mix of music from electro to ethno. Unlike other fitness programs, it is not pressure, but the joy of one’s own body and movement. “Ann Christiansen, NIA trainer trainer from Hamburg: everyone looks for, what good for him by the movements and how far he or she wants to go.” Even celebrities such as Judith Rosmair, actress of the year 2007 (Theatre today”), swear by NIA: I had a long time for such a form of dance wanted. NIA speaks on so many levels: I can play me completely, it is music that inspired and always wears a, it uses and transforms feelings, it combines ideal body, heart and spirit! “And the best part is: you share this joy with others.

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