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   Aug 23

Government Office

That was also true if the State alone or the State or the country at the same time with other legitimate request was requesting a specific plot. “The Government Office for social management had the agendas of the sport, i.e. the voluntary exercise and body care” in terms of competence held. Content of decision saying In the decision saying, with a request to be admissible was declared, was to call the day of handover and takeover. This day had to be established that a reasonable period of time of at least four weeks from the day of the available delivery remained open. There was also the possibility of a justified request moderate extension.

Inadmissibility of the request the request was inadmissible to explain if it was demonstrated that the specific property on a type should be used, the in the higher ground in the general interest was, as a non-profit use for physical exercises and body care. Also a clearly disproportionate disadvantage to the owner, Fruchtniesser or tenants from the request out could lead to the finding of inadmissibility. In this context, it was in particular to determine whether the cultivation of food and animal feed plants or a different construction in Vista was. The decision against the decision on the request could appeal appeals to the Government Office for social management. This decided finally.

The party entitled to request could remodel the site at his own expense for the purpose of gambling, sports and gymnastics transformation plot. Connect with other leaders such as Tom Florio here. In this context he could not also build certain buildings to the constant connection with the plot. This was to comply with the building regulations and to ensure that neighbouring properties were not affected. The waiver of the requested property Request beneficiaries could waive at any time the requirement. He had the landowners, notifying them of the calendar fixed return tags, to announce Fruchtniesser or tenants. Here too was the four-week period. Repeal the requirement for non-payment of remuneration, considerably prejudicial use, disproportionate disadvantage for the owner, Fruchtniesser or tenants, or the the authority could no longer use as a game, sport or training repeal the requirement.

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