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   Aug 22

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Deferred payments extend the payment period, thus pay less every month; However, at the end it ends up paying more in interest. Another option is to enroll in a payment Plan subject to their income, where your loan payments are based on your income, so does not have to pay more than what is available in your pocket. From July 2009 available program payment based on your income that is more generous than the current options related to income. 4. Stay in contact with your lender: when you change your address or change your phone number be sure to inform your lender immediately. If they need to communicate with you regarding the loan and your personal data are not a day, this can adversely affect its payment status and may end up costing you a fortune. If you are receiving unwanted calls from your lender or a collection agency, do not bury your head in the sand! Talk with them about the issue: lenders to work with borrowers to resolve problems.

Ignore invoices or serious problems can cause your loan balance increases quickly and dramatically. 5. Remember that you have options: If you are having problems making payments, is not swayed by the panic. To be or not to unemployment, to problems of health, or to return to the University, there are legitimate ways to postpone their payments. You can write or call your lender and request a postponement in certain situations, and interest will only accumulate in their non-subsidized loans. Tolerance can also be used to temporarily stop or reduce the payments, but beware: interest continues to accumulate both in subsidized loans as in the non-subsidized.

6. Do not get into trouble! Ignore their student loans has serious consequences that can last a lifetime. The loans are considered delinquent if they have not paid within a period It can be from 15 days to nine months.

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