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   Feb 03

Feel Better

To spend 5 minutes on your face: FACE cold winter winds deplete skin of moisture. Following cleaning, apply a hydrating mask: leave on for 3 mints. Then rinse. Next, apply moisturizer. Look for a formula that replenishes the nutrients are found naturally in the skin.

Vitamin A and E. MAKEUP Apply the gel-based blush. With its blend with your fingertip, then top with a tan powder. The color combination creates a natural healthy appearance. Add color and softness to the lips with a soft emollient lip balm or burgundy. Spending 1 minute in the face: Face Wipes use.

They are really fast and convient. And if you use cloths containing moisturizers, you can cut the skin in the morning, care for one step. MAKE-UP Use the mascara. If that is all the time you use, then add a little lip gloss and you’re ready to go. Ingredients that have in the house can be added to bath water: 1 cup milk … ideal powder to soften the skin Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite perfume the bath water running. Rose water Put oatmeal in a mesh bag (use a vegetable stock or average age of laundry / linen) tie jet holder and let the water run over him. If the husband buys you roses for a special occasion to save some petals floating in the water with milk powder instant wonderful … you will feel like a princess. Oh, yes, and after leaving the mesh bag of oatmeal run the bath water to use to exfoliate the skin by rubbing it everywhere. Follow with a good moisturizer. Out of your use of bubble bath baby. My favorite is the type of lavender …. and use the baby shampoo too!

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