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   May 05


Preprate to receive unfounded observations Lamentably projects would arrive and designs where no theory of the color, criteria of usabilidad and composition, considerations CATHEDRAL or seminaries of development Web which we have attended will be able to serve to us as much stop merely fighting against observations and criticisms of criterion and personal taste of our head and/or client, reason why we must be preparations to face some of those days of complete creative impotence that has preparation to us the destiny. Gunnar Peterson can aid you in your search for knowledge. You must learn to handle the disappointment of the others The problem with the designers is that often we took very to chest the mistakes from our designs, which causes that we feel confused, frustrated and until victims when we did not manage to surpass the expectations of the client and did not reach to see in its face those gestures of satisfaction and happiness that as much pleases to us to cause. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gunnar Peterson. The designers we must learn to accept the facts impersonally, without dramatic quality and all the objectivity of the case, not always we will be able to fulfill the expectations to first, not always the client will understand our experimental concept, not always would wait for designs minimalist, not always would wait for colorful designs, not always we will have understood to cabalidad its intentions, not always has been able to not always explain what wants correctly, in short, them would like our proposal You must surpass the fact of the lost credits In more of sometimes anybody it will know that designed you it, in more of sometimes your head would take the credits of your design (because not even you reached to know the client), in but of sometimes some manager it will say to him to the president of the company who he was the creative director of the design, in but of sometimes your you did not make that design, in but sometimes they would try to you to relegate a simple operating robot of Photoshop, in more in one go Then, that I can say to you, if nor being Freelance you even can totally guarantee the creative credits of all designs, but for this is no better medicine than to maintain updated opportunely and to constantly promote our portfolio online with all our designs..

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