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   Jan 13


Excursions in Mendoza to cross the Mendoza caverns keep sinfn from surprises for that cheers up to visit its wonderful landscapes. One of the fascinating places that it has to cross is the Moncol Hill of 1930 ms of height, to only 71 km of the city of Malarge, without doubt, one of the more interesting excursions in Mendoza for the lovers of the espeleologa. It happens that in this hill is the Natural Reserve Cavern of the Sorceresses. From route 40 there is a deviation of only 8 km take that us to the place, which makes the access quite simple. The nearest town is called White Horse armor, where basic provisions of survival are obtained. In the place there is a detachment of Guardaparques, with baths public and attendance to the tourist.

In order to visit the Cavern of the Sorceresses it is needed to coordinate with a local guide who took to us to one of the most incredible sites of Latin America. Almost 10.000 people per year visit these incredible caves that estan underneath the Earth. In order to realise this excursion it is necessary to go with comfortable clothes and a footwear comfortable and nonskid. These caves own stalactites and stalagmites with an enormous diversity of forms and colors. First from the room to which it is possible to be acceded it denominates Room of the Virgin. Also are the Room of the Flowers and the Room of the Columns. The Cavern of the Sorceresses has about 400 ms of length, with several galleries and passages, algunoa of which only can be crossed crawling (for that reason ” is denominated; The Gatera”).

The Room of the Virgin receives east name because the stalactites have taken the peculiar form of the virgin Maria. The zone is very protected by national laws that they prevent that nothing in this site can be modified. In fact, the Cavern of the Sorceresses is one ” cavern viva” , as geologically it is known this type of formation that still follows its development, since of imperceptible way the cavern continues forming. Great amount of students goes year after natural year to see these peculiar formation, because studying stalactites and stalagmites the climatic changes can be analyzed that the region cuyana has suffered throughout the centuries. Each centimeter of stalactite requires about 1600 years to grow. The Cavern of the Sorceresses is one of the excursions in Mendoza that deserves the transfer from the urban centers, because not only it is a natural treasure of the humanity, but due to its short distance of Malarge, the excursion can be done in a single day.

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