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   Nov 15

Esoterica Training

These people not only communicate among themselves, and reading esoteric books, but also looking for seminars, training courses, in Rostov on personal growth and development. Therefore, in the city often have guests from Moscow and even from abroad. They bring in Rostov copyright seminars, interesting training and spiritual practices, conduct training and dedication. Now in Rostov began active dedication events, as are regularly held various training, seminars, courses, classes in psychology, various esoteric practices, yoga retreats, schools of magic and tarot, and many other activities for personal growth and self-development held in Rostov. There are two city portal esoterica – Esoterica in Rostov and Rostov esoteric, as well as planned opening of the journal Esoterica in Rostov. Regularly open new centers, schools and directions, and therefore interest in personal growth in Rostov-on-Don is not just not falling, but rising steadily. There are both free and paid seminars and trainings. The problem of free workshops, seminars, lectures, courses, classes and meditations in Rostov, cover a greater number of people who want to self-development and personal growth. Paid training, seminars and courses raschitanny to give knowledge only to those who need them, and they need practically everything, as every man is not only the body, and as soon as physical Shell has developed, we need to develop and spiritual principle, ie in harmony Dolno all be in a person – spirit, soul and body of Rostov is promising in terms of cooperation in the field of esotericism, because there are centers dealing with spiritual and personal growth, and there are people who want to learn, it is in Rostov, without going to Moscow or other Russian cities. Esoterica in Rostov is looking for coaches, teachers, organizers, schools and directions from other regions of Russia.

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