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   Mar 02

Enrique Garcia Nava

It was a real whirlwind of facts and conventions that the end of the session were puzzling. X-large part of the country’s problems was exposed to such clarity and rawness that was inevitable feeling that the country was on the verge of collapse. Accented with all this natural drama that politicians often use when looking to emphasize the problems that will bring to them the spotlight, of course. Thus, ensuring the greatest possible objectivity, the reflective exercise, naturally led to the endless chain of underdevelopment in which we are engaged as a country: A large percentage of extremely poor country with low levels of nutrition that are largely responsible for Low levels of education and educational backwardness, which coupled with poor public health service and compounded by high unemployment and informal employment, in turn generates high levels of crime. All previous results if set low levels of per-capita domestic product worse by the low production efficiency which in turn causes low tax revenues so the government embezzlement captive taxpayers and especially PEMEX, leaving no possibility self-finance their development and to develop own technology and innovation, and although PEMEX generates a lot of money for the country, (especially these days) the government to absorb most precisely to the institutions and programs should help to improve all the above aspects, from combat extreme poverty, to public health and safety and promotion of productive and technological development. However, all this fabulous amount of money, taken from PEMEX and taxpayers, blends into the deep cloud of corruption that covers all activities of the government coupled with those private companies who interact with them, either as contractors or suppliers. Thus the overall balance of the country and this only worsens the vicious circle degenerates into increasingly acute problem under the current global reality forces us to challenge for which we are doing in practice: almost anything (food crisis, energy crisis, U.S. financial crisis , global insecurity and climate change).

Thus, are great challenges and adversity that lies ahead, if not already being experienced in some sectors of the country is great. One can only hope that the statement begins Homeric with which this article is also valid for this national culture, which apparently is very pleased with the “prosperity oil” that helps fund the shirking of the poor with “opportunities” as well as the political class, most corrupt and that only seems to develop the talent to fight for power and the juicy slice it leaves. As one analyst pointed out oil-based economies to compare the economic and social development of oil-producing countries: “… actually, underdevelopment is not a stage of economic evolution of a country, is a way of thinking.”

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